REVIEWS: Sam&Oliver – Stoke


Be bold, ambitious and take a leap of faith.

Many of life’s greatest discoveries, creations and changes happened because someone dared to question why. Dared to color outside the lines and take a chance at an idea. One of my dogs, Sam, is the very definition of rebel.

His chaotically good nature is a combination of good heart and free spirit; a pathfinder, benevolent and complete disregard for regulations.

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7TH Annual Disc-It Round Up


Its that time of the year again folks time to raise some money for the children this is the 7th Annual Disc-It Round Up. This is an amazing event that helps raise money for the UNM Children’s Hospital. The Montoya Family has been hosting this event from day one a charity that is near and dear to their hearts last year they raised close to 112,00.00 and we would love to see them raise twice that much this year so come out and help support this amazing cause.

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REVIEWS: Sam&Oliver – Molten Gold


Be still, resolute and focused.

Throughout my journey so far, I have stumbled and become ungrounded more than a few times. Frustrations, setbacks and lost recipes didn’t help much.

One day I was in a rush and had called my dogs into the house so I could prepare to leave. My oldest dog, Oliver, refused to comply, and I grew impatient. I walked outside and called for him to come in. Oliver sat in defiance. Again I called and he remained, resolute. I decided to walk over to Oliver and try again, however as I approached, he laid down. Standing over him, I sighed and thought to myself “Fine, if you aren’t moving, neither will I.”

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The Great Chicago Vacation & Fiery Festival

Official hot sauce

At the beginning of the year when I had to choose my vacation time at work, I decided to choose the 2 weeks surrounding the Great Chicago Fiery Foods Fest. My vacation started with my birthday which was another incentive, but I had not been to Chicago in 20+ years. When I was there the first time, I had a limited stay, did a Cubs’ baseball game, did a double-decker bus tour, but the food we had was Michael Jordan’s restaurant and fast food. The second visit was for a wedding in Kalamazoo, MI and we only flew into Chicago and stayed one night for a bachelor’s party. Being a foodie I wanted to explore the best of deep dish pizza and Italian Beef Sammiches this time around. Having a fiery food festival build around my visit was my kind of vacation.

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The Fiery Food & Beer Festival (Rescheduled to 2016)

2015 Wiscon Fiery Foods & Beer Festival

Wisconsin has yet to dip their toes into the waters of the spicy pool of events until now. From the Producers of the Bacon, Brew & BBQ Fest comes the Fiery Foods & Beer Festival. This All-Inclusive Festival is a Celebration of Music, Wine, Craft Beer and Fiery Hot Foods. One ticket gets you unlimited samples of food and drinks along with entertainment from various Artists. Persons age 21 and up will be able to enjoy the First Annual FFBF on Saturday, September 19, 2015 at Angell Park in Sun Prairie, WI.

Welcome to Chilehead Monthly

Chilehead Monthly Logo 400 x 400

For those that do not know me, I am Al “Buddah” Goldenberg, the owner of and the creator of this very Chilehead Monthly newsletter. I wanted to create a newsletter that pulls in some of the very talented individuals that make up the ever-growing Chilehead Community. I have asked some people you will know from Facebook or YouTube, and others you might not know of at first, but you will get to know through their columns they will write to you each and every month. Each Writer we have assembled here has some form of passion that drives them. I have asked each writer to give us a little of that in this month’s column. We wanted introductions and that is what we are giving you. I asked for some spicy recipe ideas and we have a few of those as well. I even got 2 spicy product makers to talk about their experiences in 2 of the big fiery food festivals in July. You can check out our recently updated Spicy Events Schedule HERE.

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It’s a Fiery World!

by Ken Alexander

2013 Fiery Foods Weekend - Day 2 (8)

What Makes a Chilehead?

When Buddah asked me to be a contributing columnist for his new vision, “Chilehead Monthly”, I almost said no since I already struggle to make time to write for my own blog. But Buddah gave me my start in the community, and has become a close, honored friend, so how could I say no? So, in true Buddah whip cracking fashion, I got my first copy deadline (tonight! LOL) and he asked me what my theme would be each month. “Theme? I need a theme?” I asked. So I told him that my theme would be original, op ed type random musings from my Chilehead brain. And he was good with that (thanks, Buddah), but he told me that I should include an intro of sorts, so this month will be just that….my intro. The “About” section on my blog, It’s a Fiery World ( does a good job of providing a brief bio, so I’ll give that to Buddah to use as he sees fit. But the real intro is my reflection on what makes a true Chilehead.
Of course, to the casual observer, the obvious answer is plain as day. A Chilehead is someone who loves hot and spicy cuisine, hot sauce, hot peppers, and fiery flavors of all kinds. But that’s just the surface. I’ve discovered that a Chilehead is much, much more. Not only are they someone with a strong tolerance for pain and an asbestos stomach. And they are not just a thrill seeker who wants the endorphin rush that follows the spicy flame that makes their nostrils flare, their blood pressure rise, and their pores open into rivers of delightful sweat. Don’t misunderstand…they are indeed all those things, but that’s still not what defines them as a true Chilehead.

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Adventures of the Accidental Chilehead

by The Sauce Goddess

My name is Jennifer and I am the Sauce Goddess. I started my company back in 2001 on a dare from my friends while having a beer or two on the beach in San Diego. I make smoke-free BBQ sauce based on a recipe my Dad has been making since I was about 2. I expanded the line into some spicy flavors and added rubs to the mix over the years. You can check out our products at to see more.

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Taco Time

by: Heath ” The Taco Man” McDowell

First and foremost let me introduce myself. My name is Heath and I am the administrator for . Each month we will be talking about sauces, tacos, reader submitted recipes and new ideas. This month I will be letting you know a little about myself. And a little taco, chilehead comparison.

Think about your favorite taco. What’s in it? How many spices can you taste? For me, I look for an out of the ordinary taco. One that screams, TRY ME!!!!! I’m always looking for the different styles and cultures that can define a great taco. There is such a variety of tacos that every application of spice can be used in one way or another with them. My suggestion is to let your senses go wild! Make a taco you’ll never forget. Your taste buds will thank you.

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Q-ing With Your Average Joe

by Fiber Joe Madrid

Fiber Joe's Lincoln Hat

Hello all you happy people…

Here is a question I get asked a lot, Hey man how can I get a rack of ribs to taste like they’re smoked
without owning a smoker…
Well the first thing I usually say is buy a damn smoker.
I have found a few different ways on how to get that awesome smoked flavor and that’s what we are going to talk about this month, Welcome to Q-ing with your average Joe.

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Wickedly Creative Cooking

by Mike Isenberg

Mike from Wicked Cactus holds his Feast Your Eyes on This trophy

While neither a professional nor formally trained chef, I am a foodie and cooking TV junkie. Join me as I explore new things, letting you know what has worked for me, and hopefully inspiring you to get out there and try something new as well. I am owner of Wicked Cactus Sauce and love everything spicy.

I have a problem.

I love mushrooms. Sautéed mushrooms to be exact. The savory/earthy/meaty flavor, the versatility, the delicious transformation that comes from the simplest of cooking process*. I’ve made sautéed mushrooms before and ate them before the rest of the meal was done! I really, really love sautéed mushrooms.

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Blazin’ a Trail with Local & Farm Fresh Food

by Shellie Mierwald

Greetings fellow Chileheads! My name is Shellie Mierwald and I own Sweet Heat Gourmet. I’m very passionate about what I do with the local foods movement. Our award winning BBQ and hot sauces are made with as much farm fresh products as possible. Please feel free to contact me at, I’m happy to answer your questions! For Chilehead Monthly, I’ll be chatting about farm to table food and how spicy things should make your food taste better!

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