5th Annual Super Spicy Holiday Sale

good cheap fast service

The big sale is back, and we will update it as we get new additions to our listings. It usually grows as we get closer to the holiday, so if you are shopping or curious of what will be offered, then keep coming back. If you are a company that would like to add your sale to our listing, then please either email me your whole sale as you wish it to be listed, and I will link to your website or sales page OR you can post below in the comments. We will also we sharing this listing with some other chile blogs and numerous Facebook groups.

It is very important to note that we only want to include companies that have met all the legal requirements to sell products online and ship across the US. I can not speak of international law, so companies wishing to ship outside the US are free to do so at their own discretion. We encourage our Chilehead friends to support these small market companies and the small market companies to support the Chilehead Community.

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REVIEWS: Lucky Dog – Brown Label

Brown Label – Ridiculously Tasty Mustard Chipotle Hot Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce’s Brown Label is ridiculously tasty!

A unique style of medium heat chipotle sauce, with the rich notes of Meco chipotles and a dynamic balance between mustard, chipotle and cumin. Bartlett pear juice and figs add very subtle sweetness, while the creeping heat of the scotch bonnet chile builds in heat in a slow & sneaky way.

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REVIEWS: Lucky Dog – Pink Label


Pink Label – Extra Hot Lightly Smoked Pepper Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Pink Label is an extra hot & extra delicious applewood smoked Habanero/Serrano/Ghost chile sauce, naturally sweetened with California Bartlett pears and luxurious dates from the Coachella valley of Southern California. A sharper, hotter yet more delicate Habanero sauce than Orange Label, Pink Label has a very subtle hint of applewood that really opens up on food. While not quite as hot as Black Label, Pink Label will leave your lips sizzling with habanero/ghost pepper heat while the complex layers of flavor to enhance any meal.

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5th Annual Chilehead Secret Santa

Buddah's Secret Santaberg Spicy Gift Exchange

In the spirit of giving, I present you the Chilehead version of Secret Santa. It is a holiday spicy gift exchange between people in our Facebook group: Chileheads 2. Since the original Chileheads group now has surpassed 5,000 people, (up 1500 from last year), I can’t risk the number of Secret Santas that might join in. Last year I created a 2nd group called Chileheads 2, which is now over 730 members. That group was meant to weed out all the pepper pics and the endless reviews and keep it more about the community that revels in spicy product making, great fiery recipes and festivals that people love to attend. Only posting this in the Chileheads 2 group, my hope is that it will keep the # of people relatively controllable for me to handle. Otherwise, Secret Santaberg might need more lil’ helpers.

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Veteran’s Day Tribute


Imagine leaving behind the things you love – your love of family, friends and life. Imagine losing your Brothers and Sisters that stood along side you to defend the country you love in foreign lands and at home. Unless you have lived it, it is hard to imagine the hardship of being a soldier. Veteran’s Day is more than just tipping our hats to those that wear the uniform. It is a day to recognize those brave men and women that decided it was a nobler deed to give their country something back for their inherited freedom. Some of them have left so much behind in their fight for democracy. Handicapped in more than missing limbs, vision, the ability to function normally, but also mentally damaged in memory and in mind. We should not be so quick to celebrate the day, but the people behind the day. Thanks to all those that have served our country, we owe you our freedom and the lifestyle we have today.

This wonderful tribute video was created from the YouTube page of leahlsternberg

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Welcome to YESvember!

Chilehead Monthly Logo Novembe

This month definitely needs a new name. It is such a negative to say NOvember. So for the rest of this column we are only going to refer this month in the positive and rename it as YESvember. Hey, it is such a great month with the beautiful colors of Autumn spreading across our great land. It is also a great foodie month with Thanksgiving bringing such great traditional dishes, and a chance for the Chilehead in all of us to spice up some of the dishes. Well, most families would object, but if you have a good turkey-enhancing table sauce or two, then you can still put the THANKS in Thanksgiving.

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The Chilli Alchemist: Nov ’15

The Chilli Alchemist banner

No matter who we meet in life, there’s a good chance we will have something in common. It may be something little such as a favourite pizza topping or type of music, but it’s a shared interest nonetheless. Sometimes, when you have a lot in common with a person, you may strike up a lasting friendship, hang out & take part in a variety of social activities together. We all need friends and relationships and many of us thrive in the right company.

I’ve worked in a number of places during my time on this planet and I’m pleased to have made some friends along the way. Every now & then, I meet up with former colleagues who I considered friends. We drink, chat, catch up and then part ways until the next time (which could be months or even years). My friends in the chilli world are different…

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DEFCON-versations – Nov ’15

Defcon Trailer

Welcome. This is the first installment of the Defcon Creator’s op-ed section. My monthly addition will contain my own ramblings, reader beware! It will discuss various facets of the hot sauce industry, as well as different perspectives on things going on within the industry as a whole, trends past and present, and things I’ve noticed and will comment on. In other words, you’ll never know what I’m going to say. Those who know me know I am never at a loss for words.

Feel free to contact me at john@defconsauces.com if you’d like me to discuss anything in particular, or for any comments regarding this section. I can’t guarantee I will know a ton of stuff about everything, but will give it a shot.

As many of you know, my radio show, DEFCON-versations, has been put on the back-burner for now. There is just too much stuff going on right now, and when the radio show is active, I want to give it my full attention. Perhaps many of you can relate to parts of your life being stupidly busy, well, I’m dealing with it now. Will the show return? Absolutely! I’ve already written about 10 show formats already, with guests like All-Spice Cafe, Torchbearer Sauces and Gemini Crow, and many more lined up as guests, so stay tuned.

For those that don’t know who I am, my name is John Dilley, Supreme Dark Overlord of Defcon Sauces, a rather well-known purveyor of Wing Sauces, Habanero Horseradishes and Dry Rubs. Being around for over a decade, we’ve taken a ton of awards, and our product reach is global. If you haven’t tried our products, treat yourself. We’ve pretty much become the team to beat in the larger competitions, for a reason.

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Supporting with Local & Farm Fresh Food

Sweet Heat Gourmet

Getting to Know Jim Weaver from Meadow View Farms

Every September, we at Sweet Heat Gourmet and approximately 50+ chile companies, make the annual pilgrimage to the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival. The festival celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and one of the main attractions was the incredibly cheap “pick your own peppers” right down the road at Meadow View Farms, owned by Jim Weaver and his family.

meadow view 4

We’ve been buying super hots from Jim since we started our company about 3 ½ years ago. If you haven’t been to his farm in person, it truly is chilehead nirvana. There are acres and acres of hot peppers, 200+ varieties according to Jim, with 50 of those super hots. I took this opportunity to ask Jim a few questions about his farm and his family, and how they got interested in growing super hot peppers.

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It’s a Fiery World! – Nov ’15

Fiery World

A Collection By Any Other Name
By Ken Alexander, It’s a Fiery World


“I collect Hot Sauce!” I hear this all the time and see evidence of different versions and illustrations of hot sauce collections on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. To personalize the observation, I love to tell people that my hobby…no…my passion, is collecting and blogging about hot sauce, spicy food, and the community surrounding the Chilehead industry. So what is a collection, really?

To some, a collection isn’t a collection unless they have shelves full of wax-covered bottles, signed and unopened. They proudly display their spicy treasures in display cases, shelves, etc. and wouldn’t dare dream of opening any one of them for fear of devaluing their worth. They look up to and envy the likes of my good friend and buddy, Vic Clinco, who boasts the largest privately owned collection of hot sauce in the world, pushing towards 8,000 individual, discrete products. What a testimony to spicy and cool! A collection so large, so unique, so over-the-top that it’s been featured on national television and is world renowned. If you haven’t seen pictures, just search Google Images for it and see what pops up.

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Taco Time – Nov. 2015

Let’s Taco bout some unusual meats. And win some stuff


Through my taco travels I have been approached by many, as to why people would eat Lengua, Tripas, or Cabeza. A lot of people think that its just weird and freaks them out. For those of you who do not know what these are. These types of food have been around since Humans have been eating animals. Eaten for their high content of fat. This for me , gives them a distinctive taste and texture. Using every part of the animal was something you did so nothing went to waste. So, lets take a trip down to the Unusual meat locker. This month let’s Taco bout Lengua.

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Q-ing With Your Average Joe – Nov 2015

Fiber Joe

Hello all you happy people….

GOBBLE…GOBBLE, everyone! Welcome to November. Here we are a couple of months away from a new year. I’m not sure about you guys, but I can’t wait, mainly because a new year brings the 28TH Annual Fiery Food Show here in ALBQ. Since I live close by, I get a chance to see all of my amazing friends, and of course I get to put on the 4TH Annual Fiber Joe BBQ. Like I said, one of my favorite times of the year can’t wait to see you all.

So this month I thought I would do one of my local favorites,


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The Freakie Foodie – Nov. 2015

Ancient Aliens Sous Vide Potatoes

I have to admit that I am fan of the show Ancient Aliens – especially Giorgio Tsoukalos and his crazy hair. If you aren’t familiar with either, just do an image search on Google for “Aliens” and you will see what I mean.

I also like to tinker and build things, and recently I built my own sous vide controller. For those of you who have not yet been exposed to the wonder that is sous vide, it is essentially cooking vacuum sealed food in very precisely controlled water bath. Chances are if you have eaten in a restaurant recently, at least one of your dishes was prepared this way. The reason is simple, the tight temperature control allows one to cook food at exactly the right temperature very slowly so that food cooks evenly all the way through and cannot overcook. Once the food is fully cooked, it is usually finished on a grill or in a skillet to give it an appetizing appearance and external texture.

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Habanero Montreal – Nov ’15

Martin Lamoureux



Northern Fire

Hello hot pepper lovers,
This month I will tell you about a company that, in my opinion, is the pioneer of sauces in Quebec. I refer of course to Peppermaster which was created in 2004. Greg and Tina Brooks, the owners, started doing business in 1982 for sauce craft fairs in Nova Scotia and elsewhere in Canada. In 1995, they began selling their sauces to a shop called “Le Panier” in Pointe Claire near Montreal. Today, they have a wonderful store located in the small town of Rigaud in western Quebec. With over 150 products bearing the logo Peppermaster, in addition to producing for 17 companies, a detour is needed to see all their selections. I’ll come back to their in a moment. Greg, who was born in Pointe-Claire went to study in the Bahamas where he started selling sauces to tourists in 1962. Throughout his path, creating magical flavors became his life’s work. The Brooks family is always ready to help chilehead community here in Quebec.

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