Missouri Boyz Review Wicked Cactus Cobra Venom

Ryan Graub and Scott Roberts make up the new review team I am dubbing the Missouri Boyz. They decided to get together one day for a little chilehead bonding. They filmed a review whilst together and they were nice enough to share their experience with us. This is their effort.

Wicked Cactus
P.O. Box 659
Chesterfield, MO, 63006
Email: chris@wickedcactussauce.com

  • Ryan Graub

    The Missouri Boyz……lol. :winner:

  • Thanks guys for the review! The batch that you guys had was the batch were my blender died on me!!!!!! So I agree w/ you 100%! It does need to be blended some more. Next batch will be much better and then you can do a “Cobra Venom Part 2”!!

  • They may be bald and husky, but I hear them Missouri Boyz are handsome! :_retarded:


    Love that shirt Scott!

  • Yep, I thought I’d wear it for my “return” to ILIS. 😉

  • FYI guys- the “net 5 oz” & metric equivalent are required to go on the front panel, not the side one. Just trying to keep you out of trouble with the mattress tag police!

  • Sam

    If you think that label is non-compliant, check out the freshhotsauce.com sauces. They also state that they are the only known sauces made with fresh peppers, or some crap like that!


    The Blog site?

  • Sam

    Yeah, check it out, he also makes hot sauce. Maybe in his bathtub?

  • Butch

    What? Use fresh peppers to make hot sauce??? Preposterous!!

  • parker394

    I’m surprised no one gave the bottle a shake before tasting it.

  • It was well-shaken before the camera started rolling.

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