REVIEW: Hot Mama’s Sweet Pepper Sauce

We are back with our second and last review for Belize hot sauce company, Hot Mama’s. The first review was a habanero hot sauce which you can view HERE. Now we go into the sweet arena with a pourable pepper jelly like hot sauce. Our review team is the same as the first review; we have Ken Alexander, The Machine and myself doing this review. Sit back and watch, we got a good one here.

Ken Alexander

The Machine


Hot Mama’s
Mile 60 Western Highway
Unitedville, Cayo District
Belize, Central America
Phone: 011-501-824-0444
After Hours Phone: 011-501-824-3475
Facebook: CLICK ME

  • Ken Alexander

    Update: I have used this on a few different foods. As a glaze on fish, OMG!!!!! It is fantastic! Chicken tenders instead of sweet and sour sauce!!! Another home run! This is a great sauce!!!

  • Sounds great guys! What is it about Belize? Everything is amazing from there!!

  • rheThe Machine

    I agree Ken . I usually am not too fond of really sugary sweet sauce but this is really good.I think it would be a good glaze for a holiday spiral bone in ham .

  • Blondie Pritchett

    I’m so sad. Just finished off my last bottle of Hot Mamas Sweet Pepper Sauce. Now I’ll have to plan another trip to Belize. This is a super sauce. Good with everything. Can’t wait to get more!

  • Thanks for sharing Blondie, and welcome to ILIS.

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