Buddah Introduces Sunny Gully Farm’s Fire Corn

Introduces is not really fair to this product because people have known about this stuff for a while. I just have not tried this spicy caramel corn until recently. My other blogging friends have all taken their turn in praising this sweet snack. Yes, I am late to the table, but there are always new chileheads out there that do not know about all the good stuff we know. We have to share. It is a chilehead rite of passage. You find a hot sauce, mustard, or any other condiment, you HAVE to let us know or else that product might fall through the cracks and never to be heard from again. We can not have another good company with a great product go down in this poor pourous economy. So I am here to shout the praises of this little farm in Scottville, Michigan, and tell you that if you are going to buy anything spicy and/or sweet online through the holidays, then you best be contacting Bob and Susan Shuman and telling them that Buddah says, “I better try your Fire Corn”.

There is no website, they are just a couple of farmers looking to make a living, so you will have to reach them via email or phone which are provided below the video.

Sunny Gully Farm
Phone: 231-843-4394
Email: HobbyFarmer@t-one.net

  • This stuff is beyond fantastic. At the Open Fields auction when it was my turn to pick a prize, you better believe that a basket full of this Fire Corn was the first thing I went for. 🙂

  • Al, to answer your question in the vid, here’s my review of it from a few years ago:


  • I bought two entire cases and handed them out for CHRISTmas presents a couple of years ago. EVERYONE thought it was da bomb 🙂


    Thanks for the bag Buddah, but when we were packing to come back to OK, I asked AB where my Fire Corn was and she said she gave it to her brother….apparently he opened it and loved it….I never got to try it!!

  • You missed out on some good snackage my friend. Thanks again for the tasty vittles.

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