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1.  No purchase necessary to enter.  One entry per person.  Contestants must be subscribed to our free newsletter.  To sign up for our free newsletter, please visit our home page or click here.

2.  The e-mail address that you currently receive newsletters at will be the address via which we will correspond with all winners.  All entries must originate from e-mail addresses to which our newsletter is sent and must be sent to co*****@wy******.com.  Those that win that had signed up for our newsletter subsequent to this newsletter having gone out, will be asked who referred them to us and that person then contacted as well to award them a free bottle of sauce of your choice.  If two people that you refer win, then we will send you a bottle of sauce of your choice and a “Spice Up Your Life! … Be a Wy’s Guy!” T-Shirt!

3.  All winners’ names will be published in a follow-up newsletter announcing the winners.  Winners wishing to opt out of appearing in the newsletter and wishing anonymity must submit their request via e-mail upon hearing of their award notification.  Winners will be asked for full name, mailing address, and phone number for Fed Ex shipping purposes.  Only names and city and state will be announced in the winners list.

Entries are due by tipoff of the first game on Thursday March 18th.  All entries received prior to the tip-off for the first tournament game will be accepted.

[Please either clearly provide the contest entry information below in your e-mail freelance or cut and paste the below template into your e-mail and provide your picks.]   Your picks must be clear in order to be eligible.  You may enter all parts or as few as you would like.  If you enter all parts, you are eligible for all prizes.  You can access the Tournament bracket here or on any major sports newsite.

1st Prize:  Presto Kitchen Kettle Deep Fryer & Pick-6 Sauce pack

1a. Choose all four Final Four Teams (Most right = Winner):

_____________________,  ______________________,

_____________________,  ______________________

1b. Choose the two teams playing in the Championship Game (1st tiebreaker)

_____________________,  ______________________

1c. Choose the winner of the Championship Game (2nd tiebreaker)


1d. Choose the total points scored by both teams in the Championship Game (3rd tiebreaker)


2nd thru 5th Prizes:  Win either 2 bottles of sauce OR a Wy’s Wings T-Shirt:

2a.  Pick the 1 through 3 seeded team that will lose in the earliest round:


2b.  Guess that team’s points scored in that game.  (tiebreaker)



3a.  Pick which 13th thru 16th seeded team will advance to the highest round.


3b.  Pick Total points scored by that team in that game.  (tiebreaker)



4a.  Pick which team will score the most points in any single game in the tournament.


4b.  How many points will that team score in that game?  (tiebreaker)



5a.  Pick which team will score the fewest points in any single game in the tournament.


5b.  How few points will that team score.  (tiebreaker)


If you signed up for this newsletter in order to participate in this contest, who referred you?

Name:   ______________________________________

e-mail:  ______________________________________

Try our new Asian Ambrosia Sauce on your Easter Ham!! – While we’re all in favor over here at Wy’s Wings of ditching the Easter ham and going full monty on the Wings on Easter, or on Mondays thru Saturdays otherwise for that matter, if you’re going to do ham, try our Asian Ambrosia Sauce as your “glaze.”

If you’re looking for a way to say boy-howdy around your family’s Easter Brunch table, then try our new Asian Ambrosia Sauce on your Easter ham!  This wing sauce is really more of an everything sauce and is our superlative version of the Sweet Thai Chili Garlic Sauce that’s making the rounds on the wing circuit around the nation.  It has a Thai Chili Pepper base, some sweetness, a special blend of spices to create a full-bodiedness, and a hint of orange to balance it out.  It has some heat to that anyone that is expecting that traditional Easter weekend meal will be pleasantly surprised.  It’s not too hot however, so it shouldn’t blow the doors off of anyone’s palate except for the real spice lightweights.

NCAA Tournament Specials on Wy’s Wings Sauces! – Extended through the Championship Game
From now until the end of the tournament, for orders of $50 or more, before shipping and any sales tax are added, receive a FREE “Spice Up Your Life! … Be a Wy’s Guy!” T-Shirt.  Sizes range from Medium, Large, X-Large, and and a limited number in XX-Large.  If your order is $50 or more prior to adding shipping or any applicable sales tax, then simply include your size preference for your T-Shirt in the comments section of the order form.  T-Shirts are a $14.95 value and will soon be for sale online otherwise.  If you would like to purchase a T-Shirt outright prior to them becoming available for purchase in our shopping cart, please contact us and we will follow-up with you to take your order.  Please DO NOT send billing/credit-card information via e-mail.

Please feel free to send this newsletter to any friends and family that you think would like to enter our NCAA Pool to win any of numerous prizes, or that you think would enjoy our products or might otherwise benefit from the contents of this regularly published newsletter, our website, or our YouTube videos.

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  • November 22, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    I finally found a store that would give me a good deal on shipping one bottle of this sauce! I had to get the Wy’s Guy after all the good reviews. I hope it’s as good as all the raves!

  • January 23, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Wy’s Guy wing sauce is pretty good, I found a little shop that would mail it to me by usps instead of Fedex, so shipping was alot cheaper. I recommend it. I’d like him to go maybe one step hotter, but it was very flavorful.

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