Here we are with another on the spot review from the NOLA Hot Sauce & Gourmet Foods Show in New Orleans. This time we have Joy Peppers, an Austin, TX company showing off some award winning bread and butter pickles, jalapenos, olives, garlic and a bloody mary mix. I witnessed people coming over and gobbling-up whole garlic cloves in the Joy Peppers’ bread and butter pickle juice. I love garlic, but that is a lot to walk around with that on your breath. Even with that said, they mmm as they walked away. I loved the candied type of jalapenos in the juice by themselves and with the pickles.

Now let us see what our reviewers, Butch Taylor and Eric Grant had to say.

Joy Peppers
Joy Smith
2104 Castle View Dr
Austin, TX 78728
Phone: 512-517-1552
Email: jo****@te***.net

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