Sauceman51’s Orange Hot Mustard w/ Japone

John aka Sauceman51 sent me some new mustard he wanted me to try. I had tried some of his spicy mustard in the past and liked it enough to welcome a new kind. The one I liked very much before was a japone blend, and since this was a new style of japone, I was excited. Japones are chile peppers that are often used to spice up chinese cuisine. The Japone chile has a natural hot flavor. It is great in soups, salsas or ground up into chile powder. They have an approximate rating of 25,000 Scoville Units, so they have some heat to them for sure.

I brought the mustard with me to the Weekend of Fire show at Jungle Jim’s Int’l Market in Fairfield, Ohio to share with some of the other mustard lovers at the show. Taking it a little further, I then brought it home to sample it on a NY potato knish. I shared my knish with the ILIS official cartoonist, Sean Boley. Check out what our mustard review team had to say about this strange mustard flavor.

For those not in the know about what a knish is after watching this video, you can come to Fire Mountain Krewe in October and get some there. I brought it last year, and it was a huge hit. Maybe I will bring some of this mustard with me. Fire Mountain Krewe is open to all those interested chileheads and vendors who want a little chilehead getogether in the mountains of Western PA. It once again is taking place on Columbus Day Weekend in October. For details, just ask. Now on with the review…

For those interested to try one of John’s homemade mustards, contact him at Sa********@co*****.net. He has quite a few different mustard blends to choose from.

7 thoughts on “Sauceman51’s Orange Hot Mustard w/ Japone

  • August 17, 2010 at 10:03 pm


    You will notice on some of the reviews we do for now on will have a rating scale at the end. This is to let you know what we think of the product overall. We are grading the products from 1/2 heart all the way to 5 hearts. Just so you understand what the rating system is about, here is our breakdown that we will eventually be posting on the main page for easy reference:

    5 hearts = exceptional, as perfect as a hot sauce can get
    4 1/2 = nearly flawless, highly recommended, must buy
    4 = great hot sauce, slight imperfections, would recommend and buy
    3 1/2 = very good hot sauce, but did not wow you. You would recommend it though.
    3 = slightly above average, needs some work, and may or may not recommend it
    2 1/2 = totally run of the mill sauce, been there, done that, better sauces out there to buy
    2 = below average, missing some key elements, might have a chance with some tweaking
    1 1/2 = needs a lot of help. Not awful, but lacks in a lot of areas
    1= bad all around product, would ask for money back if bought
    1/2= this is a very bad tasting product, to the point of spitting it back. Lowest rating for a product.

    After our little Weekend of Fire Blogger’s Round Table discussion we brought this format to the table once the videotaping was over, and it got a great response. We are presently in negotiations with a few of those chile blogs and hope they too will be adopting our format. We think this rating system is not just good for us, but for our bloggers, reviewers, spicy product makers, fiery food outlets, and the rest of the chile community. I think it is past the time where reviewers pat every product on the back and say, “not bad” or find a way out of saying whether we like the product or not. This rating system will tell you exactly how we feel. We hope you like it.

  • August 18, 2010 at 1:16 am

    At 3 1/2 it “did not wow you” while at the same time Sean says at 4 1/2 it’s “nearly flawless”…. or was he grading your knish? 😐

    Sounds to me like the only person that really liked it was you. It also reminded me of how much you loved Guapo sauce…lol
    I should buy some of that πŸ™‚

  • August 18, 2010 at 1:16 am


  • August 18, 2010 at 5:02 am

    I have my favorite mustard prejudice, so it would take a lot to wow me, but that said, I did like this mustard. After I wrapped up this video with Sean, he went back, cooked another knish and had more mustard. Then he had another knish yesterday with Ba-Tampte, but still liked this mustard better. The knish is good, but his rating was true, and he told me how much he liked it yesterday.

  • August 18, 2010 at 7:15 am

    Buddah, are you going to copyright the phrase “pull out a Passow”??

  • August 20, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Sorry ’bout the slight confusion you had there, Parker. πŸ™‚ While I absolutely LOVED the knishes, that mustard I had in the review was absolutely awesome! I’m not a mustard connosieur by a long shot, but man that stuff’s tasty!

  • August 20, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Um, I’d like to get some of those knish’s….spread the wealth!

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