Heat For Heroes

HEAT FOR HEROES was started because of an email we received from a soldier that is currently stationed in Afghanistan. A member of his platoon received a care package which contained some of our products. He said that one of the things they miss the most is food from home and requested that we send some more products out to boost morale. Within 3 hours of reading this e-mail Johnny and I send out a huge package containing well over a dozen of our products.

Our friends and familiy members wanted to get involved and donate too. So, we added a donation option on our website. Heartbreaking Dawns will double you donation. So, if you donate $20 we will match your $20 and send $40 of products.

The donations are in $5 increments. Please send this along to anyone that may be interested in donation.

Nicole xox

Here is the official Facebook page: CLICK ME

The Heartbreaking Dawns Heat For Heroes store: CLICK ME too

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  • November 26, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    Thanks for help spreading the word!! We’ve got three nice boxes going out this week, and hopefully many more to come! Thanks guys.

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