REVIEW- S.Y.S. – User Friendly Habanero Hot Sauce

S.Y.S. stands for Slap You Silly. It is a product line developed by Bill “The Big Pepper” White, a chilehead for 30 years who decided one day to get into the business. The Big Pepper created the Slap You Silly Hot Sauce Company in 2006. He gave us 3 products to review, the User Friendly version will be followed by Sofa King and the Widowmaker. This is the first in the line. Our 3 reviewers for these products are Ryan Graub, Steve “The Machine” Smallwood, and author of the new Chili Pepper Madness recipe book, Mike “from Madness” Hultquist. Let us see what they thought of this sauce.

Ryan Graub

Steve “The Machine” Smallwood

Mike from Madness

Slap You Silly Hot Sauce Co.
PO Box 1428
St Charles, IL 60175


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