Pork in the Park 2011

This is a video montage of the event I went to yesterday. It got real cold very fast, and I was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. It was 70 when I started out, and it got in the 40’s and windy before I left. I met up with Captain Thom and his first mate, but missed Brian and Marilyn of the HotSauceDaily. They are running a podcast from HotSauceWeekly from the Championship bbq competition I was told. So if you want the latest, run over there and check it out.

The bbq was good, I still love the Memphis place, Rum Boogie Cafe as my favorite, but I wasn’t disappointed in what I tried. I wish they had free samples, instead of full servings. Some of them gave me 1 rib for $2, so I left happy. The event was divided into 3 sections. One for the Championship bbq teams. The next was the food and other vendors, and the last was the mini amusement park/carnival area which was filled with rides and games to win cheap stuff. There was about 10+ bbq vendors selling their cooked wares and it smelled great. I was too full to try the fried Peanut Butter Balls, but I was very happy with the ribs. I didn’t try any bbq pork, brisket, chicken or smoked turkey legs. I just stuck with the ribs, my favorite form of Q.

I was too cold to hang out to the bitter end, but I got to walk around for a bit and meet some of the people in the BBQ competition teams area. Some cool setups, and as you will see in the montage, someone was just starting to gut their piggy. I went looking for Huck’s Hut to see if Brian and Marilyn were there, but they no showed it. Huck’s Hut’s own Bruce does a bbq podcast himself. Interested: CLICK HERE

If you wish to visit the show, and meet up with HotSauceWeekly, you still can go today and tomorrow. Huck’s Hut is near the far corner area of the BBQ teams, and that will be their home base. Saturday 10am-10pm; Sunday 11am-5pm. Admission is only $2, and parking is free. You can’t beat that if you are in the area and in the mood for some championship BBQ. I bought one of the last bottles of Multiple Championship Award Winning,Skin & Bones Sweet BBQ sauce, and cooked me some hot sausage with it for lunch, and it was awesome!

3 thoughts on “Pork in the Park 2011

  • April 16, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Oh my. I am getting hungry just reading this. I live in the wrong state! This Southwest is mild!

  • April 16, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    sounds a lot like ribfest in indianapolis. i think it’s held over labor day weekend.

  • April 17, 2011 at 9:26 am

    Because of the music in the video and YouTube’s rules and regs, this video can not be shown in Germany and on your portable devices. 🙄

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