Review: Brother’s Blend Jalapeno Sprinkles

What this is I am not completely sure. Is it a rub, a seasoning, a blend or a new creation called “sprinkles”. Keith Mumaw of Full Circle Farms contacted me recently to get some feedback on a new product he has been working on for a while. You might remember him from past chile blog reviews of his Quierras Mas! Mexican Relish. I helped organize a review for his relish for another website a few years back, so why not do it again for ILIS. A little about the company, taken from their website:

“Full Circle Farms is the realization of a 20 year dream, a dream shared by owners Marti and Keith Mumaw. Full Circle Farms is a blending of two lives coming full circle to reunite after separate journeys. Our mission statement is quite simple, To create an environment that is family friendly and to provide quality grown fruits, vegetables, pottery, crafts, bath accessories and fun for all.

Whatever you might think about this mystery blend, our reviewers took to the task to find out, trying it out various ways. Our review team for this product- RJ & Nathan make their ILIS debut together, along with Parker and Steve Smith. Lets see what they discovered in this jalapeno sprinkle.

RJ & Nathan


Steve Smith

Full Circle Farms
Owner: Keith Muwaw
Email: qu**********@ya***.com
To order: send $4.50 plus $2.00 shipping and handling to:
Keith Mumaw
P.O. Box 1854
Allen, Texas 75013


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