Memorial Day tribute

I got this video off of YouTube, and want to give proper credit to the source… “ignite1texas“. The meaning about this holiday we so often forget gets lost in our celebration of our day off from work, in the BBQ grilling, the picnics, and the beach openings. We take the day and make it special, but many of us forget that is a day about remembering those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. A freedom that we take for granted because we have it. So many others in the world do not, and maybe that goes a long way into why some hate us and seek to destroy those freedoms.

Today we hoist a glass, say a prayer and/or take the time to give our thanks to all those that fought to protect us from the tyranny that lay out there. When this holiday was created, I am sure those politicians wanted the day to be about OUR soldiers that we would be memorializing today. I want to take it a step further and also remember all our allies that stood by our side in defense of freedom. Thanks surely goes out to those brave men and women as well as our own. Then lastly, take a moment to give thought to all those innocent people that got caught up in a war they never wanted to be a part in. Whether it be here or there, so many people have lost their lives, and we must never forget that. So take a little time away from your BBQ, cole slaw and liquid refreshment and think about what this holiday is really about.

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  • May 30, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Buddah, thanks so much for posting this. I’ll admit I needed a bit of a reminder. Not that I didn’t know what the day means, this just reminded me to have those extra positive thoughts and prayers on this day especially. Some have become so focused on the parties and the arbitrary buying a flag from Walmart and hanging it outside the house that they forget there are thousands of Americans who do not have this day to drink it up, to dance their butts off, in fact thousands don’t have this day at all because they’ve died fighting to defend the USA. The same sacrifice that millions have made in our history.

    God Bless everyone over there fighting. I love you Cousin Brandon.

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