Fire Dawgs Review Alicita Salsa – Original

I get excited when I see a new local spicy food product. I found this company’s salsa last year at my Leesburg, VA Wal-Mart. There were a few things that stood out about this company’s salsa. The first thing was the mini 4-pack of salsa. It reminded me of the small apple sauce container packs they sell for kid’s lunchtime.

The next thing that sets them apart is their cultural influence with each salsa. Presently they have 5 flavors- Original, Japan, Greece, Germany, and India. Each of the 4 international salsas are tweaked slightly in the ingredients to represent each country’s flavor profile. We are lucky enough to do all 5 salsas. I ran into the entire Alicita salsa family at the Fancy Food Show here in DC, and from there I setup this review for the Fire Dawgs.

In order to complete this review I had to jumble around the Fire Dawg team this time around. We have 2 new Fire Dawgs- Mark & Octavian to help with our reviews. New Father Danny was too busy to free himself up for these reviews, and Hector was caught with a dead fire truck on the day of this review, so he doesn’t show up until near the end of the reviews. You will see him in future Alicita reviews, and he will share his opinion on the entire salsa line in the last video. We are going to stagger these reviews out to give Alicita Salsa more exposure to you all. So look for them all real soon, you will see so many opinions from these new guys you might be surprised about what they say. I sure was.

Here is a little background info about Alicita:

Created by Suzanne Fields, founder and CEO of Alicita World of Foods, Alicita*Salsa® is a special treat for salsa lovers. Alicita*Salsa – named for Suzanne’s mother, Alice – originated on a farm in Kansas with homegrown tomatoes and a recipe that has been in her family for decades.

With no preservatives Alicita Salsa® is a delicious, healthy way to complement any meal. From health food lovers (all-natural) to diabetics (sugar-free) to heart-conscious consumers (high in potassium), Alicita Salsa® fits the bill. In addition, we deliberately avoid as many “Top 9”allergens as possible and proudly list our ingredients and nutritional value on our products page.

Our salsa recipe satisfies people of all ages with the perfect blend of chili peppers, and vinegar to give Alicita Salsa® a kick that’s tangy, mouthwatering and not too hot. The result is an original taste sophisticated and spicy enough for adults, but mild enough for the kids.

In March of 1998, the Alicita family decided to share their secret with the rest of the world and offer Alicita Salsa® internationally. Selling only their Original All-American flavor, Alicita was approved for thousands of grocery stores in several states before expanding to online sales. Soon, it was obvious that Alicita was ready to grow.

With the help of Chef Steven, a professional DC chef with a prestigious background, we began creating our gourmet International line. ALICITA purposely took the time and effort to undergo a full makeover and was ready to relaunch her new face and packaging in 2009, which has proven very successful. With new labels and innovative packaging, including our one-of-a-kind Snackita™ snack-packs and wide-mouth dipping jars, Alicita Salsa® has become a star in the previously stagnant salsa market.

We re-launched in 2009 with our new labels and four new flavors and Alicita is making a splash once again! We are pleased to present our new International line Taste of the World, including Japan, Germany, Greece and India. Made with native spices, each international flavor is as unique as the country for which it is named. There’s a flavor for every taste bud.

Alicita Salsa® is a brilliant addition to any recipe. We are proud to offer the world five mouthwatering, all-natural flavors. Now children, teens and adults all over the world can enjoy the tangy flavor, convenient packaging and perfect chip-dipping consistency of Alicita Salsa®!

Alicita Salsa
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Great Falls, VA 22066-1158
Phone: 703-406-1275 or 877-617-2572
Email: co*****@al**********.com
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