Fire Dawgs Review Alicita Salsa – Japan

I love creative people in all facets of life. If someone creates a spicy product and it stands out I tip my hat to the maker, but if it is good too, then they have my attention and money. Alicita is pushing that creative barrier with their salsa line. They take salsa internationally with a slight altering of the ingredients. They have 4 international salsas- Japan, Greece, Germany and India. Each salsa has 1 ingredient the others do not have. We start with Japan, and it is ginger as the ingredient that stands out with this salsa. The reactions are priceless with the Fire Dawgs, especially with Mark. I loved this salsa, and thought it was the best of the Alicita salsa line. I enjoy the flavor of ginger, and it is just the right for me not to turn me off and make me want more. If you are a fan like me, I think this is such a must try because it is so different, but stay tuned for the other salsa reviews over the next 2 weeks. This whole line made for the most dynamic reaction with the Fire Dawgs. I can not wait for you all to see the German review. I still smile when I think of how that one went down.

Alicita Salsa
11436 Woolington Rd.
Great Falls, VA 22066-1158
Phone: 703-406-1275 or 877-617-2572
Email: co*****@al**********.com
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2 thoughts on “Fire Dawgs Review Alicita Salsa – Japan

  • September 20, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Why is the video marked private? I can’t watch it.

    Gringo Bob.

  • September 20, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    Thanks Bob. I didn’t even notice that.

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