Fire Dawgs Review Alicita Salsa – India

This is the last of the 5 salsa reviews for Alicita Salsa. The conflict between the Fire Dawgs in what they like and what they do not like comes to a head in this last salsa review. I have all the Fire Dawgs including Hector rate all the salsas in order of preference. You can clearly see that there is a huge difference of opinion in what they like and what they do not like. This is why we do multiple person reviews here at ILIS. If we gave you strictly 1 Fire Dawg’s opinion we would be doing an injustice to you, the salsa lover, and to the company. Throughout these reviews we have seen that not everyone has the same tastes. We all know it, but sometimes we need a reminder of it. I applaud the Fire Dawgs in their no holds barred approach to these reviews. Based on my preference, I think that I found myself following a different path from that of the others. Simply put, I love the Japan one the best, and well Mark hated it. Only Hector felt as I did. These are some of the most interesting salsa flavors that I have come across. You will not like everything, but I truly believe you will enjoy the roller coaster of flavors they offer. I guarantee there will be one you will really like and one you really dislike, but which ones they will be will be half the fun. Try them.

I would like to thank the Alicita Salsa family for letting us highlight their salsa line. I hope they continue pushing the envelope on creativity, and wish them all the very best of success. Now please watch the 5th and last Alicita Salsa review with our Fire Dawgs, Miguel, Hector, Mark and Octavian…

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