Crazy Uncle Buddah Interviews Crazy Uncle Jester- Part 1 of 2

I am a new Uncle as of 9pm last night, and so with that announcement I bring you one of the chileheads’ favorite Uncles, the one and only Crazy Uncle Jester, Jeff Stevenson. On my 10 day chilehead journey, I had a chance to meet up in Dayton, Ohio at the Crazy Uncle Jester Headquarters with Jeff. After showing me around his new warehouse we took off to a restaurant called Archer’s Tavern in Centerville, OH to have lunch and setup the interview. Jeff has a working relationship with Archer’s Tavern where they have been using his sauces. Archer’s and Jeff have also set up a new fiery challenge using their “A Wing and a Prayer” Caribbean style ultra hot wing sauce and a steak eating challenge called, “Grab the Bull by the Horns”, involving a 64 oz steak.

I had a great lunch, and an even better interview with Jeff once we were done eating. I hope you feel the same as well. I think there are some amazing disclosures discussed with Jeff, and I believe many young sauce makers will be fascinated and perhaps inspired by how he got his start in the business. I would like to thank Jeff for spending quality time with me, and letting me ask him about anything. Also for the great lunch at Arthur’s Tavern. I will never looked at fried pickles the same way again!


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