Crazy Uncle Buddah Interviews Crazy Uncle Jester- Part 2 of 2

The Crazy One, Jeff Stevenson uses unconventional advertising methods to get his name out there. I have been a big fan of Crazy Uncle Jester’s products ever since I got a chance to review his Afterburner sauce back in my TTF days. I called it product of the year for 2009. Afterburner is a hot fudge sauce that has a killer burn once it travels down your throat. Before that it is extremely tasty chocolate fudge through and through. Then there is his Jamaican Hellfire, one of the best tasting hot sauces in the market place. I love this stuff, and saw it the other day at my local outlet mall’s Harry & David. I can’t think of another pear conceived hot sauce. His product line is quite diverse. He has a mustard, a bbq sauce, a wing sauce, hot sauces, Make Me Cough Drops, a rub, and even sells a skateboard deck for those that love his CUJ logo.

On top of everything else, Jeff also has created an extremely hotter than hot sauce. The Jester™ created quite a stir at Zestfest when it made news sending the Chile Pepper Magazine owner to a place he will never soon forget. The Jester™ is presently the 7th hottest hot sauce in the world at 6 Million Scoville units besides being a 2011 Scovie Award Winner.

Whether your a fan, a sauce maker or chilehead you should find something in this interview to catch your attention. Thanks to Jeff Stevenson for allowing me to follow him around and treating me to lunch. It was a great time. Also to the great people at Archer’s Tavern for letting me fill up on some great food while seeing a smile on everyone’s face the whole time I was there. Not too common in restaurants these days. By the way, fried pickles never tasted so good. Thanks for the awesome service.

Now enjoy part 2 of my interview with Jeff.

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  • October 30, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    Wonderful interview, Al. Awesome picture you used as well. 😆

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