Fiber Joe Reviews Pirate Jonny’s Sweet Island Rub

This is our 5th review for Pirate Jonny’s with our reviewers being rotated between Ken Alexander, Heynetboy and of course Fiber Joe. I have added all the reviews below so if you would like to go back to watch something you missed you can do it without searching for it. Terri from Pirate Jonny’s wanted me to pass this along about the difference between their rubs and seasonings:

The reviews for the Scorched Pirate and the Sweet Island are rubs as they have brown sugar in them for the purpose of grilling or cooking in the oven to form a nice glaze on top from the brown sugar. That is why they are sweet in nature because of the sugar & to form the glaze versus heavy sauces. The rubs, of course, also seal in the juices of the meat. Besides the Scorched Pirate and Sweet Island, we will also be reviewing the other rubs Caribbean (Ken Alexander) and BBQ Curry (Fiber Joe).

We have done 3 of their seasonings- Cuban Mojo, Jamaican Jerk, and Key Lime Chili. The last is their Caribbean Roundup which is a steak Seasoning and Heynetboy will do that review next week. These seasonings can be used as a rub, but they will not stay on the meat like a rub.

1- Tampa Bay Key Lime Chili Rub
2- Jamaican Jerk
3- Scorched Pirate
4- Cuban Mojo

Contact Info:
Mr. Jonathan Toner
Pirate Jonny’s BBQ Rubs
Suite 100
2020 W Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33606
Phone: 813-258-4504
E-mail: pi***********@gm***.com

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