Review: Ashlynn’s Gourmet’s Asian Nightmare

As you can see by the label above the name of the product is Solomon’s Punishment Asian Nightmare. The Solomon’s Punishment is a line of hot (haute as they call them) sauces. This sauce is described on their website as “Sun drenched, red jalapenos entangled with all the exotic flavors of Asia.” Sounds interesting enough for me. Ashlynn’s Gourmet has given us 4 haute sauces for us to review, and we put together a crackjack review team for them- Derrick Wood, Michael Hansen, and Firehead Thomas.

About the Founder:

Ashlynn’s Gourmet

My love for food started at a young age. My Father always said, “There’s one thing that nobody can take away and that’s your right to a good meal.” He was right; no matter how little we had we always ate as if we were kings.

As a teen I found myself working in restaurants and loving every minute of it. While learning the ins and outs of the industry my love for food turned into a growing passion to create my own palate pleasing dishes using my own fresh ideas and techniques.

Never having the time or money to travel the world, I started touring the world through food. My passion for culinary arts grew even stronger and my knowledge of the arts expanded to new horizons.

After having my daughter, Jade Ashlynn in 2004, I found my restaurant career pulling me too far away from my newest priority. I continued my research on this ever changing culinary world, and while time was an issue, I started developing condiments that would allow me to turn ordinary meals into culinary works of art in a matter of minutes.

I wanted others to enjoy my creations. So with the help and encouragement of my Mother, I started Ashlynn’s Gourmet. In every creation you will find only the freshest and best quality ingredients which are perfectly blended. They are sure to impress your guests, family and friends.

Best wishes,
Annthea Waugh

Derrick Wood

Michael Hansen

Firehead Thomas

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