UCCFS Round 3: Tacos (2) vs Chili (3)

This Ultimate Chilehead Comfort Food Showdown match-up is coming out of what appears to be your favorite Tex-Mex food bracket. The winner of this battle will go to the Elite Ate to face #5 seed Salsa & Chips. I really do not know how this vote will go down. On one side, Tacos is probably the most popular Mexican style meal in the world, whether it be soft or hard. One of the biggest franchises in the US, Taco Bell has a name people recognize. On the flip side of things, Chili is one of those dishes that every household makes and has their own special recipe, beans or no beans, and that is another battle unto itself.

I am a big cheddar cheese fan, and these 2 meals embrace the cheddar. I like to use sour cream as a cooling factor in both as well, something I can not say about any other kind of food. As I weigh both of these great comfort foods in my mind, I still do not know which one I will pick. Although, looking at the cover of the new Chile Pepper Magazine, I will admit that the timing of it might in the end influence me because of all the incredible looking recipes displayed throughout the mag. I am trying to stay impartial, but damn they look good. This sure is a tough one. Please tell us how you voted and why you did so.

Check out the new re-seeded bracket: UCCFS Bracket

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