Fire Dawgs Review Walt’s Homemade Salsa “X-Hot”

Out of the Ashburn Fire Department in Ashburn, Virginia the Fire Dawgs- Chief Miguel, Hector, Danny and new Fire Dawg Danny, taste and review this Ohio salsa. A little background taken from the Walt’s Homemade Salsa website:

The fresh taste of Walt’s Homemade Salsa is a combination of tomatoes, black beans, yellow and white corn, fresh red onion and red bell pepper plus a variety of spices, AND no added preservatives. And, that is just the Mild Salsa. The heat begins with the Medium Salsa by adding more spices. Then the true heat carries on in the Hot Salsa with freshly chopped jalapeno peppers and finally the X- Hot Salsa with jalapeno and habanero peppers. Our salsas truly are a flavor to savor. You be the true taste tester, try your choice of Walt’s salsa today…you won’t be disappointed. You can find it at various locations listed here on the website or buy online. Order some of our savory salsa today!

How did Walt’s Homemade Salsa begin?

I have always enjoyed preparing and cooking homemade meals for my family and friends. In the fall of 2010, my father gave me canning jars and a friend had spoken with me about making fresh salsa. This sparked a new idea to experiment with in the kitchen and a use for my father’s jars. After two months of working with my new experiment I came up with a salsa with a great taste, but some work still needed to be done. After a few adjustments, I came up with the recipes that are now known as Walt’s Homemade Salsa. The salsa is available in four flavors to please the taste buds of any salsa lover; mild, medium, hot and extra hot. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you. They are truly a Major flavor to savor!

Walt’s Homemade Salsa
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  • January 25, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    I tried Walt’s X Hot in Miamisburg at a festival last year and wasn’t thrilled with it. They seem to have a pretty good following though. Just not to my liking!

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