REVIEW: Big Russ Premium Beer Cheese (Habanero)

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It is great when we get spicy things for review other than the traditional bottle of spicy stuff. Not just something different, but different in the way of beer cheese different. A few years back friends of mine from Kentucky, Mia & Ethan, (from the good ol’ days of TastetheFear), introduced me to the tastiness of beer cheese. I thought it was Heaven enveloped in cheese. It was not spicy, but it was way good. Fast forward a few years later, I find some at the Fiery Food Show in Big Russ Beer Cheese. Plus they had a spicy blend to boot. Their website needs some tinkering, but the pics on their recipes page are awesome to look at. This is a PDF file so make sure you have the resources to open it: CLICK ME

For this review we have our Albuddahquerque krewe of Fiber Joe and co-worker Gregor, Firehead Thomas, and Xero with his friend Joe. Enjoy!

Fiber Joe

Firehead Thomas

Xero & Joe

Big Russ Premium Beer Cheese
PO Box 14
Beaver Dam, KY 42320
Email: Sh****@Bi***************.com
Phone: 270-274-4102
Facebook: CLICK ME

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