Furch’s Hot Sauce

We have another new company trying to be heard in this big and growing world of spicy products. Meet Furch’s Sauces from Black Hills, South Dakota. This is their only product in their line right at the moment. Our review team for this product will be Ken Alexander, G and the Pepper Boys. First a little about Furch’s Sauces…

Furch’s Background

Furch’s Sauces started in the kitchen in a home in the beautiful Black Hills, South Dakota. By trial and error, the “Ghostly Habanero” version of the sauce emerged. Made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives and the labor of love, Furch’s Hot Sauce is unique.

Furch’s “Ghostly Habanero” hot sauce is made with the Jolokia Ghost Pepper, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the hottest peppers on the planet. Combined with other all-natural ingredients, Furch’s Ghostly Habanero Hot Sauce is simply one of the most delicious, extreme heat sauces available.

Our Story…

The “Ghostly Habanero” hot sauce has a story. Made at the mother’s house of the inventor one hot summer afternoon, the mother was intrigued. “How hot could it possibly be?” was the question she asked. “Probably hotter than anything you have ever had, mom,” said the son. She hovered and watched as her son concocted his brew. The mother snuck around the corner, quickly dipped her finger in the pot, and placed the finger in her mouth. Instantly, she began to simmer. She had the look of cuss words in her eyes as she stared at her son. The son tried not to laugh and was genuinely concerned. After several minutes, the mom simmered down, but swore she would never try the sauce again.

Who We Are…

Furch’s Sauces was created from the passion of hot sauce. This is the greatest strength. Take something you love and share it with others. The creative side includes a man with a passion for “heat” in what he eats and the business side includes a woman with a degree in Business. The two combined make for a great team.

Ken Alexander


The Pepper Boys

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