Memorial Day 2012: Remembering why we are free

Memorial Day wasn’t created for us to have a day off of work or to have tasty barbecue with friends and family. It was created as a tribute to all those that gave their lives for our freedom. A freedom we often take for granted. Take a moment today to honor those that fell for us, and just do not honor those that fight for our flag, but those of our allies too. Without their help, we would not have the amenities we have in our lives. We would not be free to speak our minds and choose our destinies. We would not be able to forge a future for our children without the safety net of our troops that gave their lives and keep giving in their memory. The tribute video below is from Saddletramp221, and it reminds us that freedom is far from being free. If the video moves you as it did me, then please leave a comment for them to show your appreciation of the work they did in creating the video.


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