REVIEW: Yulicious Premium Gourmet Sauce- Hot Version

Over the last 2 years at the Fiery Food Show the Yulicious Gourmet booth has welcomed attendees to the show with hearty smiles and a different take on the traditional. Their slogan as seen below, “An Alternative to Barbecue Sauce” might confuse the taste buds because it certainly seems to look and taste similar to barbecue sauce. One thing for sure from my personal experience if you try it you want to buy it. That seems like a better slogan to me. It is a very good condiment indeed, but we are here to evaluate it on food and see if our review team will find it as pleasing as sampling at the show. Our team for this review consists of Firehead Thomas, Xero and Fiber Joe. Let us see if first impressions are true to the mark. But first, here is a little about Yulicious…

An Alternative to Barbecue Sauce

If you have been waiting for a sauce with no limits, the wait is over! Yulicious is what you are looking for. Yulicious is a time honored family recipe that has been passed down through generations. Yulicious uses the highest quality ingredients to produce a unique gourmet sauce with a sweet flavor. Use Yulicious on your favorite meats or vegetables to make them come alive. Try Yulicious on chicken, pork, beef, turkey, fish or lamb. Unlike barbecue sauce our disinct ingredients do not include hickory, smoke, molasses or mesquite flavors which are typical to barbecue sauce and makes them one dimensional. This distinction allows yulicious to pair well with a variety of meats, seafood and poultry.

Firehead Thomas


Fiber Joe

Yulicious Premium Gourmet Sauce
9630 Bruceville Rd Ste. 106-258
Elk Grove, CA 95757
Phone: 916-501-1112
Email: in**@yu**************.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

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  • May 30, 2012 at 10:47 am

    love the shirt firehead cool review same to you xero

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