Each weekend I am going to share with you a spicy product that you may or may not know. It will be a favorite of mine that I do not get to sing the praises of too often. Giving the spotlight on a product each week might get your attention to buy the mentioned product. I hope other people will also add on 1 product to this list each week that people should go hunt out. Feel free to add their website so people can readily find them.

This weekend I am going to talk to you about one of the best Serrano pepper sauces ever created. Cheater 5’s Shreddin’ Serrano. The only problem with this sauce is that it looks like the company is out of business. So why of all the sauces in the world did I start this fresh idea with a sauce that might not be made anymore? Simple, I want you to know how much support means to a company in this community. This company made 3 very good all natural sauces, but this Serrano one was amazing and the awards it received were proof of that including best unique hot sauce in the 2010 Hot Pepper Awards. We did a review back in June of 2010 if you would like to see what our reviewers had to say about it: CLICK HERE

Roasted Tomatillos, Tomatillos, Onions, Serrano Chilies, Habanero Chilies, Roasted Garlic, Cilantro, Dried Chilies, Water, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid.

It is a shame to see a good company fall by the wayside. I am listing their contact information below regardless, and if you wish to see if their email or phone still work then by all means get in touch and tell Don Yarnell aka Yarnydog that Buddah sent ya. Buy Buy Buy! Maybe we can get them to make a comeback.

Please list one of your favorite hot sauces that people might not have heard of. Who knows what kind of business we can drum up for them. Thanks for your time.

Cheater 5 Surfin’ Salsa Co.
300 Carlsbad Village Dr Ste 108A #287
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Main- 858-779-9140
Cell- 619-208-1995
email- dy******@ch******.com

2 thoughts on “TELL ME SOMETHING I DIDN’T KNOW Part 1

  • July 8, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    I dont think I know of any that no one knows of, except my own.

  • July 8, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Here is one of my favorite desert sauces- Besito Caliente
    This award-winning gourmet sauce is an exciting combination of blackberries and habanero with a wide variety of uses. We suggest the following: marinade, glaze, or dipping sauce for any kind of meat from fish to poultry to pork; salsa with chips; fresh fruit dip; with a brick of cream cheese as an appetizer; over ice cream, pancakes, waffles, or crepes; flavoring a beverage such as coffee or a margarita; put in a cake batter to give that extra zing to your cake. Use it for any food that needs or deserves a Hot Little Kiss.

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