REVIEW: Mystic Rhoads Productions – Original Blend Hot Sauce

We are now at our 6th review for MRP, and 1 week away from their last. Next week’s review is for the Devil’s Blend hot sauce which is the kicked-up version of the Original Blend we are reviewing today. The Schobergs will review that one and Mike & Jen review this one. All the other reviews below were both our review couples together. Original Blend is a hot but not too habanero hot sauce that was first created for the 2006 Trelawny Yam Festival in Jamaica where it won a bronze and silver medal. If you have not paid attention, MRP uses the Trelawny Yellow Yam as an ingredient in all their products. Based on the reviews thus far, the yellow yam seems to be working out quite nicely.

Lava Ground Spicy Bean Dip
Red Ninja Spicy Salsa
Trelawny Gold Spicy Mustard
Trelawny Red Spicy BBQ Sauce
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Mike & Jen

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