REVIEW: Tropical Spices’ Flamin’ Phantom hot sauce

We have yet another new company out of Florida sending us some products to review. This is the 1st of 3 hot sauces they shipped to our reviewers. The Flamin’ Phantom is their hottest in their line, but they are not looking to scorch anyone with this ghost pepper hot sauce. They want to bring some of the tropical flavors to their sauces, hence their name. Our review team today is Bishop Brad, Zzombie, and in debuting in his first review we have Dale Gilbert. Before we get to the review let us learn a little about Tropical Spices, LLC.

Tropical Spices, LLC got started as a passion for flavor, great food and thirst for incredible taste. My wife and I come from very ethnic backgrounds. She is Cuban-American (by the way of Panama) and I’m Italian. We are extremely passionate about food. Not only food, but great tasting food. We are what you would call “foodies”. We come from families where the kitchen and food are the center piece of life. No matter what, that is where family comes together.

We would like for you to take a voyage with us through our sauces. From the streets of Trinidad to the Florida Keys, to the soothing waters in Panama, to the beautiful sand of the Islands of the Pacific. Take pleasure in tasting different spices and heat of regional peppers and chilis and most of all; cherish the love and passion of great food and flavor.

There is a sauce, marinade or vinaigrette made just for you and we hope you enjoy the journey tasting all the combination of flavors we have to offer.

Tropical Spices makes the commitment of adding spice and flavor to every food. Enjoy!!

Bishop Brad


Dale Gilbert

Tropical Spices LLC
907 Gatewood Court NE
Palm Bay, FL 32905
Facebook: CLICK ME
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