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This is our 3rd review for Heaven Made Products. They are a low salt Cajun seasoning company that claims to be a pretty darn good if not the best Cajun Seasoning rub you can find anywhere out there. So far are reviewers are favoring these products quite well actually. The first review and the 2nd review were a slight heat difference, and the third is a hit of jalapeno rather than the cayenne in the first two to give more of a Mexican hint of flavor to mix with their Cajun blend of flavors. Please check out the 1st 2 reviews below if you want to know more about what are review team thinks. Our review team once again is Bishop Brad, Ken Alexander and heynetboy.

Amazin Cajun

Amazin Flamin’ Cajun

Before we get to the review the man behind Heaven Made Products, Michael Pitre wanted me to pass along a litle about his seasonings to you in contrast to what Ken Alexander had to say about them:

I was born in Louisiana, and deep in the heart of Cajun Country and I have been cooking Cajun Food for a long time now from the age of 7 to 52. I also collect and read Cajun Cookbooks. In my collection of over 1,500 cookbooks I have several hundred Cajun Cookbooks, many of those are the most popular Cajun Cookbooks you can find, many are collectable and not in print any more. I won’t give the long list but I have almost all of the top 100 all time favorite collectable Cajun Cookbooks.

When I started my research many years ago in an effort to develop the best Cajun seasoning on the market I went thru all of my Cajun Cookbooks and made notes as to what the cooks used to flavor their foods. Many of the real Chef’s didn’t use a premixed Cajun Seasoning but added in each ingredient that would make up a Cajun seasoning. Then there are the Cajun Cookbooks that the chef decided to make up his own version of a Cajun seasoning and just sprinkle it into the food which made it so much easier to season the food vs a pinch of this and that. So I researched hundreds of these recipes and then went to the Internet and searched again printing out 50 or more, saved over 100 and sat down and separated the ingredients in columns.

My findings were that many of the recipes included both Oregano and Thyme, especially with the more serious chefs who used more spices in their Cajun Seasoning mixes or individual ingredients going into their dishes.

I am no scientific expert in Cajun Cooking but I did a lot of research for several years and the out come of my Cajun Seasoning Mixture included Thyme and Oregano because I found it in so many Cajun Seasoning recipes or Recipes for Cajun dishes. Additionally in the batch mixture that we make there is less than 1% of Thyme and Less than 1% of Oregano, the actual percentage of each is exactly the same, 0.7220% a micro amount.

I think the difference in Cajun Seasoning ingredients boils down to this, those that wanted a more complex Cajun Flavor added in more spices and those that wanted a quick simple inexpensive Cajun Seasoning left out the extra ingredients that were common in Cajun Seasonings, Tony Chachere’s being one of them. I convert 100% of Tony Chachere uses when I meet them while doing shows.

I do a lot of Trade Days events and when the Cajuns taste my products they go crazy and fall in love with them. From my experience at these events, based on the reaction I get from those Cajuns that cook a lot, and most of them do, well I feel I have the Best Cajun Seasoning on the market. I have shipped my products to many Cajuns in Louisiana, even to Baton Rouge and Denham Springs and they are all telling me “Please bring you seasonings to Louisiana”. I will do just that next year.

Bishop Brad

Ken Alexander


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  • August 4, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Again, let me clarify why I said this wasn’t truly cajun. My intent was in the comparison to other cajun spice blends, where HMP makes it comparison claims. It isn’t meant to infer that the product isn’t cajun in it’s roots because all those ingredients are used in cajun dishes. Thanks to Michael Pitre for allowing us to review his seasonings.

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