During a review for the product above, I referred to it as “Garlic Candy”. It wasn’t candy in any shape or form, but it sure was addicting like candy. Pickled, spicy, garlic buds that you can eat right of the jar without leaving that garlic breath behind in your mouth. This spicy product is called Red Lion Spicy Foods – 20 Pepper Garlic Hot. If you try one right out of the jar, you will most certainly feel that need to come back for more of this garlic delicacy. See our very positive multi-person review HERE.

This is a kind of product I started the TELL ME SOMETHING I DIDN’T KNOW posts to begin with. To tell you about a product that no one out there is talking about, and you should most certainly go purchase. I am not getting paid to advertise for any of these companies I mention. This is just me giving shout outs to some amazing spicy goodness that is out there. These garlic buds of love are just what the doctor ordered. By the way, garlic is really healthy too as it has been used for certain kinds of Cancer and heart disease including treatment for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So not only you will be having a tasty spicy treat, you will also be treating your body right. Check them out and support the little guys who are trying to make ends meet.

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Red Lion Spicy Foods
420 W. Broadway
Red Lion, PA 17356
Phone – 717-309-8303 or 484-529-4599
Email: ch**@re***************.com or le*@re***************.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

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  • August 4, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Man that stuff looks awsome i love me some garlic for sure need to give it a try

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