REVIEW: Mystic Rhoads Productions – Devil’s Blend Hot Sauce

Lava Ground Spicy Bean Dip
Red Ninja Spicy Salsa
Trelawny Gold Spicy Mustard
Trelawny Red Spicy BBQ Sauce
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Original Blend Hot Sauce

Above these words are all the reviews we have done over the last 7 weeks for Mystic Rhoads Productions (MRP). I want to thank Adam Rhoads for allowing us to highlight his company’s products. Since his company was created to raise money for a very good cause, (see below), it makes it even more special to help him get the word out. Who knew so many diverse products could be made out of yellow yams? I hope we helped further the yellow yam’s value and MRP’s mission to help the world. I wish you guys much luck and I will be purchasing some goodies from you very soon. That spicy bean dip has my name all over it.

Before we get to the last review, this one done by the Schobergs, I want to remind you a little about what Mystic Rhoads is all about. Check it out:

What is Mystic Rhoads Productions?

MRP provides community services and financial assistance to areas in need of a helping hand. Our efforts started in Jamaica in 2004 and since our reach has expanded across the United States and parts of Canada. We are proud to use our creative energies and culinary skills to generate funds to support communities all around the world. Volunteers and donations play a big role in our success as well. From scholarships and school supplies to hurricane relief and fundraising events, MRP is dedicated to the simple task of improving the world. To learn more browse the site, check out our YouTube page, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or go old school and shoot us an email or give us a ring. We’d love to hear from you.

baldorf: A surprisingly cerebral game, if you put some leg into it, that was invented in Jamaica by The Commissioner, Mer(v) and other MRP supporters to allow players of any age, race or gender to challenge themselves in a positive competition unlike any other.

Dirt Nap Dip (DND): MRP always encourages you to follow your gut when creating deliciousness. Should you need a muse, there are easy to follow, and mind numbingly delectable, recipes on our website under Dirt Nap Dip Series.

The Schobergs

Mystic Rhoads Productions
Email: in**@my**********.org
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