REVIEW: Lord Nut Levington – Thai Dyed peanuts

This is our 4th of 6 reviews for Lord Nut Levington’s unique flavored peanuts. So far so good, and I was influenced enough by these reviews to go buy some myself. I look forward to trying them all out. This Thai Dyed flavor is a mix of Thai Curry and lemongrass. Exotic and very intriguing. I just love how they play with such unusual flavors. The upcoming 2 peanut reviews sound even more appealing, so come back the next 2 Wednesdays to see where Lord Nut Levington takes us next. To catch up on the other reviews, click on them below.

1- Rebel Mary
2- El Cheddarales
3- Mamma Mia

Dale Gilbert

Mike & Jen


Lord Nut Levington
1300 W. Walnut Hill Ln.
Suite 145
Irving, TX 75038
Phone: 888-544-NUTS
Email: co*****@lo*****.com
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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lord Nut Levington – Thai Dyed peanuts

  • August 31, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Interesting spread of opinions.

  • August 31, 2012 at 10:59 am

    I just received my 6 pack in the mail a few minutes ago, and I dove right into this one. If you do not like Thai flavors you might not like this one. It does have a very strong lemongrass flavor, and I think Mike has it right about the more you have the more you want to keep eating. I would give it a 3 flaming hearts too. It isn’t bad, but it has such a bold flavor it might be too much. I want to tear into all the containers and sample. but I will be patient.

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