9/11 Tribute…Never Forget

A touching tribute makes the reality of what happened hit the hearts of each person who was affected by the senseless tragedy of 9/11/01. I am not going to get on a pulpit and preach, but I don’t understand how a religious interpretation can result in the killing of innocent people. If there is a God out there that would preach this, then why follow down this path? We all have choices, and the people that killed themselves in the name of their deity had one too. This will never make any sense, and we have to mourn and remember, and come to grips with the fact that there are those out there that do not care about our freedom and choices. They only want to show us how evil can win over good. To that I say, go to hell where you belong! Karma is a bitch and she is looking for you.

Thanks to rickycarter93 for sharing this video with us. Also credit due for the pic above, which was found at www.freemasoninformation.com.


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