October 2012 Fireside Chat

The Fireside Chat is our version of the off-topic thread. When something does not fit one of the other threads you are free to come here and talk it up. Feel free to ask questions, post pics, talk about the latest developments in cross pollination, what taste better with your Flesh-Eating Meal Worms or Deep Fried Gummy Bears. Perhaps you might want to ask about the new Jalapeno-Flavored Toothpaste you heard rumors about? Talk it up. Bring friends, family, and co-workers! We have 1 big rule here and that is to not make personal attacks on another poster. It will not be tolerated and we will remove parties that engage with malicious intent. This here blog is meant to be a place of fun; to share our common love of all things spicy. So play like good chileheads.

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