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For those that do not know, I work as a clerk for the United States Postal Service. I hear often all the problems companies have in our industry in setting up their online shopping carts with the shipping costs. The USPS has a submit a lead program where it’s employees can submit contact information for a company looking for help in shipping in all areas. It doesn’t cost you anything and the employee doesn’t get anything out of it except for a thank you. So there is nothing in it for me, except the knowledge that I might be helping some of you out save some money and sanity in the process.

After I submit a lead, the post office in my region contacts someone in your region to reach out to you. It isn’t hard on my end to submit a lead, and if you are interested in hearing some of the great offerings the post office has including FREE pickup service, FREE Priority Mail & Express Mail supplies shipped directly to your mailing address, FREE delivery confirmation, discounted mailing costs as well as discounted insurance fees. Hear about the new regional rate Priority Mail flat rate boxes. Plus, the USPS is the only mailing company in the world that offers mailing supplies that are “Green” for the environment. So if you are looking to make a statement in helping making our world a greener one, then the USPS might be something to consider.

So, if you are interested in at least hearing what the USPS has to offer, and perhaps give your customers another option to have beyond UPS and Fed-Ex, then all you need to do is email some basic company information. Send the following to my email (al******@ya***.com):
1- Company name
2- Business Address
3- Website
4- Contact person with title
5- Phone #
6- Anything specific you would like to find out about

As soon as I get the chance I will submit your information to the USPS employee lead program and you should hear back from the USPS in less than a week. With the holidays fast approaching, this is something you should look into. The more choices you offer your customers the more likely they will follow through with buying from your website instead of giving up because the shipping is so high. I also included a video I made a couple of holidays ago to help you package your boxes safer so they do not break in shipping, and talk about some of the products we offer. As I said above, there are new regional rate Priority Mail boxes to consider now too, so you will not hear about that in the video. Also, the prices have changed so do not quote me on them. I have received a lot of positive feedback in the past on how helpful this video is to companies, so I know it should open your eyes a little about mailing. When you have a chance please do check it out. I am here to help, and if I can I will.

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