REVIEW: Snyder Farms’ Spicy Mustard

I love mustard, and am also a mustard snob at the same time. I prefer spicy brown over yella, dijon, and honey mustard styles. There are a lot more styles out there too. Even though I have a few go to favorites, if I have a hot dog or bologna to eat and had nothing, but the other styles, I would not hesitate to cover my dog and bologna in it. It is how a mustard lover rolls. We need it on certain foods, and most of the time can’t proceed in the feasting without it. So here we are with 3 mustard loving reviewers who are trying this Indiana Farms’ version. I am always happy to do something more than hot sauce, and mustard is certain reviews I would like more of.

For this review we have New Mexico’s own Fiber Joe, the Cajun Father & Son team of Zzombie & Big Daddy B, and new Papa Ryan “I need mustard on my grub” Graub. The Snyder Farm website is kind of barren, and does not offer much. They do not have a Facebook page I could find, so the information is rather miniscule. That said, you can still buy their 8 ounce jar of spicy mustard for only $5.50. Those mustard fans out there might want to check them out at their website I have listed below. Support the local Farm with a tiny purchase and maybe next time we can try their next offering. Maybe if you are an IT guy you can give them a free website tweak as support alone to snazzy-up their home.

Here is a little detail I took off their website about them…

* Small locally owned family farm located in Bloomington, Indiana

* Offering you unique Mustards, Sauces and Maple Syrup

* Our products can be found in local and regional specialty stores

* Our mustards and sauces are available in a variety of flavors

* We strive to meet our customers unique culinary needs

Fiber Joe

Zzombie & Big Daddy B

Ryan Graub

Snyder Farms Products, LLC
Email: rb*****@ya***.com
Phone: 812-824-6333 or 812-320-3339

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  • October 16, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Enjoyed the reviews, guys!

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