REVIEW: Big Red’s Hot Sauce – Garden Habanero

We got ourselves a hot sauce out of the Phoenix, Arizona area. The south being an ever-growing mecca for hot sauce it is always nice to see what a company can deliver that is different than all the other offerings out there. Big Red’s Hot Sauce aka Seed Time & Harvest, LLC sent us 3 products for review. Besides this Garden Habanero, we also have a Smokey Habanero and God’s Wrath Ghost Pepper Sauce. They aren’t even tinkering with the weaker chiles like the jalapeno and serrano peppers. For this review we have a couple of new reviewers making their debut with us. First we have Jerret Ulmer of whose partner John will make a separate debut at a later date. Next we have Matt Bauhaus with his own chile blog Finally we have the one and only Ken Alexander with his own blog rounding out our team.

A little about Big Red’s Hot Sauce…

Welcome to Big Reds Holy Moses Hot Sauce. Now we know that there are thousands of hot sauces out there, and some are good, but most of them just burn the heck out of your mouth while giving you “0” flavor and way too much heat. Well that’s where Big Reds Hot Sauce takes the cake, or should I say sauce. Our hot sauce provides the right amount of heat for your heat seeking pleasure and lots of flavor! Our Hot Sauce is sure to get your engine up and going. We put a lot of time and care into our product in order to provide you with the right flavor combinations that you can feel good about eating. With our gluten free and fat free hot sauces it is the perfect condiment for any occasion. We have something for everyone, for the faint of heart we have the original Garden Habanero Hot Sauce. This Hot sauce is full of flavor, and goes well with almost anything. Now for you Hot buffs, our Smokey Habanero Hot Sauce is sure to do the trick. With its deep rich Smokey flavor, and heavy hitting heat it will have you asking how did we do it…Well that’s our little secret, but I can tell you 2 of the main ingredients in all of our products.. 1st a whole lot of time and 2nd a whole lot of love. Now for you down right heat freaks we got you covered with our God’s Wrath Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. That’s right you heard us correctly… We managed to put the wrath of God in a bottle, and still keep the flavor. Last but not least for all of you health conscious individuals, once again we are happy to inform you that our product is gluten free and fat free and even packs quite a few health benefits of its own. So whatever your heat seeking level is, we have just the hot sauce for you!

Jerret Ulmer

Matt Bauhaus

Ken Alexander

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