REVIEW: Big Red’s – Smokey Habanero

This is our second out of three hot sauce reviews for Big Red’s Hot Sauce, a company out of Phoenix, Arizona. Our review team is Matt Bauhaus, Jerret Ulmer, and Ken Alexander. The first review for Big Red’s Garden Habanero received the same exact score from all 3 of our reviewers. I do not remember that ever happening before. At any rate, 3 1/2 flaming hearts out of 5 is quite respectable. Will this Smokey Habanero get the same respect? You will have to watch and find out. Please check out the Garden Habanero review HERE.

Matt Bauhaus

Jerret Ulmer

Ken Alexander

Seed Time & Harvest, LLC
3120 W Carefree Hwy Suite 1-202
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Phone: 1-877-651-9931
Email: bi*************@gm***.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

One thought on “REVIEW: Big Red’s – Smokey Habanero

  • October 28, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Ken, just ask Buddah about seal salt, he smothers his kinishes with it.

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