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A few years back I went to my first DC Metropolitan Food & Entertainment Show, and it was there that I ran into this company called CurrySimple. They were serving up a few of their Thai curry sauces on a small sample of rice. I was immediately impressed and wanted to try another flavor and then I stood around wanting their whole product line. I bought some at the show, and have been purchasing some online off and on for the past few years. They have hooked themselves up with to sell their products online. They sent us the sauces to review, and since they sell other products, we will be reviewing some others in the near future as well. SnazzyGourmet sent us 4 of the CurrySimple Thai Curry Sauces – Green, Red, Yellow, and Massaman. Both the Green and Red are their spicy Thai curry sauces while the Yellow is their mild, and the Massaman is their sweet Thai curry sauce.

Our review team for these reviews are newcomers Jerret Ulmer and Matt Bauhaus, and I brought back Mike from Madness, Michael Hultquist, author of so many recipes chile pepper recipe books he might be one of the leading authorities in spicy pepper cooking world. Please check out his Author’s page for spicy inspiration as well some of his fictional tales as well: HERE. Wait to you see what he whipped up for these easy to cook with sauces. We are happy to have him. While Jerret and Matt will be back with individual reviews of the other 3 sauces, Mike did the whole product line at once and compared them together. Hence why his video is so much longer. Let us take a little look at CurrySimple first.

Company Overview:

The CurrySimple product line enables the average cook the ability to cook a consistent, restaurant quality Thai meal. With retailers such as Whole Foods, CurrySimple is becoming readily available in the US. Founder Michael Moran has taken a “Grass Roots” marketing approach to getting the buzz about CurrySimple going. In just over two years, CurrySimple has been featured in National Media including The Washington Post, CNBC’s “The Big Idea” television show, LIVE on Good Day Atlanta – Fox 5, CBS Better Mornings, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC News, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Northern Virginia Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta’s Finest Dining Magazine, Atlantan Woman Magazine, Daily Candy, Atlanta Intown Paper, Palm Beach Post as well as Radio and other small TV spots. CurrySimple boasts it has “The Best Customers in the WORLD!” and will continue to be a success because of them. Thanks for being a part of CurrySimple!

A fascinating story about the creator of CurrySimple, Mikey Moran:

Mikey Moran has taken his real-life entrepreneur experiences which began with a lemonade stand at eleven years old, progressing to a sports card dealer by fifteen, to starting a successful Thai food brand at twenty nine years of age. Using basic business concepts and a positive outlook has been the key to his success. He has used experiences with business ideas that did not get off the ground to launch CurrySimple. Almost starting a web design company during the dot-com era gave Mikey the knowledge to launch his company’s website,, which was later featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. His love for technology would shine through years later.

Prior to his life as a food entrepreneur, he had visions of being a professional football player, police officer and a real estate tycoon after reading Donald Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”. His uncle Timmy still tells stories of Michael reading the business section of The Washington Post at age 14 while asking his mom for a cup of hot chocolate.

Sophomore year of High School changed his life forever when diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer. Fortunately the cancer was found at an early stage and was quickly treated. Many of his friends did not even know about this experience until he was featured by Parade Magazine as a cancer survivor. This experience has left his outlook of life contagiously positive with a drive to succeed and help others.

At 21, Mikey felt trapped in his daily routine and moved from his hometown of Bethesda, Maryland to Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was a fast growing city with many great opportunities. One of which came seven years later.

His sister would taunt him to get a corporate job that would showcase his hard working skills. Mikey feared it would damper his creative thinking and dreams of coming up with a “big idea”. In 2005, while working at a Thai restaurant, Mikey developed his concept for a Thai food brand with the help of a manager that had manufacturing connections in Thailand. Michael launched his “big idea”, a product line of restaurant quality Thai sauces called CurrySimple, in January 2006.

With only personal funding, Mikey has had to use guerrilla marketing techniques and word of mouth to expand the presence of his brand. After being featured on the front of The Washington Post’s food section just three months after launching CurrySimple, he has been seen frequently in the media. TV appearances include FOX, CBS, ABC and CNBC along with multiple features in newspapers, magazines and radio.

In 2010, Mikey streamlined his food company to focus on his passion for technology. Pairing up with now business partner Quinton Pike, Mikey has used his previous experience to help launch a service to host and stream music in the cloud to be played on multiple devices anywhere in the world. Mougg has quickly launched with Rolling Stone saying it is “Fast, Simple and convenient.” As a serial entrepreneur Mikey continues to look for exciting opportunities around the world.

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