DC Metropolitan Cooking & Entertainment Show wrap-up

Some pictures to share below. There wasn’t many spicy products as in previous years, and I think the storm might have played a hand in it. I now know that Blair wasn’t there because of damage to his property in NJ. It is really unsettling how humbling that storm has been to so many of us. Besides those that weren’t there, let us discuss those that did make it to the show. My chile buds Tom & Diane from Tom’s Roid Rippin’ Sauce, David Letterman from Bonfatto’s Wing Sauces & Marinades and Alan Kuzminsky from Infusion Hot Sauces. There is also Chef Tim Foods who I see often at some of the east coast shows. He has one of the best tasting Balsamic Vingerette dressings ever to be created. I am a foodie beyond the chilehead in me, and if you are too please check him out.

I met a few newbies like Troy & Chad from Deception Salsa, whose salsa was very, very, very good. I set up to do a review with them and my Fire Dawgs for 2 of their salsas. They have the marketing and the salsa to match, so I expect big things from these guys in the future. Another salsa company, Sarah N’Dippity Salsa had 2 styles of salsa, not bad, but with the chipotle smokey flavor it just isn’t the style that I look for in a salsa. Not saying it wasn’t bad, because it really wasn’t, it just needs to be critiqued by someone that likes that style. Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes the company I profiled in my show piece yesterday had 3 products – Bloody Mary Mix, Carolina BBQ Sauce, and a Wing Sauce I am hoping we can do a review on. I do not like Bloody Marys so I didn’t try it, I am not into Carolina BBQ sauce as I lean towards the Memphis style than a vinegary style Gator Ron’s has and the Wing Sauce smells worth trying, but it is a bit vinegary as well to my palette at first taste. Wing sauces are best tried on wings though and I hope we can do a review on them in the near future, and get some of my reviewers to do the proper testing done.

Another company, Very Peri who I met at the Weekend of Fire Show in Ohio was there too, and we also set up a review to do with them in the near future. Not to mistaken our previous reviews for Veri Peri. It can get confusing. It would be interesting to do a side by side review of them in the upcoming Ultimate Fiery Challenge I am working on for 2013.

Lastly, Another vendor I would like to give props to is Mountain View High School’s Wildcat Cafe & Bakery. Yes, I typed that correct, it is a High School, a part of the Stafford, Virginia Public Schools. They set up a booth to raise money for their culinary arts program at the school. I tried some very tasty pepper jellies at their booth, but their pineapple habanero was one of the best tasting pepper jellies I have ever tasted in my life. I lassoed up and coming chef, student Casey Nicoll for an impromptu interview. Check the young lady out and support their cause and try some of those pepper jellies and the Caesar Salad Dressing which is truly delicious. Please call Chef Denise Baxter for information on how to purchase some of these great products and support their program at 540-658-6840.

One final note, I also wanted to draw attention to the Grill Mat I took a picture of in the gallery below. It is a cool gadget to have for your grill. It doesn’t bun, still leaves grill marks on all food, including the eggs you see in the pic and wipes clean easily with a paper towel. I did not buy one because I do not have a grill at the moment. At $30 for 2 of them, it might be worthy splitting the cost with a friend and playing around with it a little. There are a lot of gadgets, cutlery, pots/pans and food demos galore at shows like this. You can spend a lot of money here and not walk away with any food. There is also wine and beer tasting you can sample for an additional price, so all foodies and drinkers would love a show like this. I had my fill, and left with some products in hand. I am looking forward for my first salad with that Wildcat Cafe Caesar Salad Dressing.


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