Helping out those in their time of need post-Sandy

One of our own chilehead brethren has taken a huge wallop from Sandy’s storm. He lost his home, his inventory and more or less his whole town. Ed Bulcholz and his girl Amy Shrewsbury of Born to Hula were displaced out of the apartment they were staying in and been staying with friends who also have been without electricity for more than a week. Who even knows what the NorEaster did in it’s wake since they got electricity back on Tuesday. I know my Mom is without electricity for the 2nd time after it blew on by leaving 4+ inches behind. She is colder than her icebox, and isn’t dealing with this latest storm too well, but lucky though she has her house and car and no damage to report. Ed and Amy haven’t been so lucky.

A message to friend, Dan Lowenstein of Red Hawk Premium Peppers a little after the initial Sandy hit, Ed said this…

“4 ft of water all of our furniture is gone. All our clothes and shoes are soaked so we don’t know what’s good or ruined. Power is still out so we can’t do laundry. All my locations I sell my sauce to are gone. Not to mention the whole bay shore and jersey shore!”

Then he added this about his insurance coverage on Facebook…

“We had renters insurance which covered Hurricane for wind and fire but not flood. Insurance agent said the damage was done by flood and it wasn’t considered a hurricane because the weather center down graded it to a tropical storm. We could not get flood ins even though in 60 years there was never even an inch of water in our house.”

and then sent this to me this past Sunday…

“Al, my town and everything around it is gone. Every bar and restaurants I go to are gone. I can’t believe it. We are still out of power. Thank god I had a generator for events makes things a little easier.”

Dan and his wife Stephanie were so kind to setup a “Save the Hula” page for Ed and Amy to help them recover and hopefully get some good karma back into their lives. CLICK HERE! If you want to chip in a few bucks or just want to support them by buying some hot sauce for their next run, please help them out. There are so many people out there that need help, so this is not to discount anyone else who can use this kind of assistance. We have more for you to consider…

Ricky and Renee of Madison Chocolatiers West are doing their part…

“We are offering 3 different truffle bars at our wholesale price in an effort to help the best we can. The proceeds from the raspberry and pumpkin spice bars will be dona
ted to The Salvation Army. The proceeds from the Shooting Star bar will be donated to Ed Bucholtz (Born to Hula Hot Sauce), a chilehead family member who has suffered significant damage to his home and business.

Raspberry Truffle Bar – 70% single origin dark chocolate ganache with fresh and dried raspberries. Always a crowd favorite.

Pumpkin Spice Truffle Bar – Milk chocolate ganache infused with Southern Tiers Pumking Ale and pumpkin pie spices. Perfect for your Thanksgiving dessert table.

Shooting Star Truffle Bar – 70% single origin dark chocolate ganache with candied ghost scorpion cross peppers. This one is HOT!!!!! Not for the faint of heart.

Again, please join with us. Order more than one to share with your family and friends as you give thanks.

They are available in our Facebook store HERE.”

Hellfire Hot Sauces is also offering some relief in a major way…

“I’ve been watching the recovery from superstorm ‘Sandy’ in NY and NJ and although I’ve already donated to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army I would like to do more….so I am going to donate all profits from the sale of my sauces: Blueberry Hell, Pure Hell and Sneak Attack for the next week to the Red Cross. So if you’d like to donate money to a good cause and in turn get some great hot sauces please take advantage of this opportunity….or just make a donation directly to the Red Cross or Salvation Army…..We need to help to get these guys get through this disaster. You can go my website at …..I’ve included Blueberry Hell, Pure Hell and Sneak Attack because my stock on some of the others is very low….I hope to be able to make a substantial donation and encourage everyone else to do the same!”

Kerry Stessel of Hot Line Pepper Products put this up last night…

“For every bottle sold thru our shopping cart thru the end of November 2012, we will donate $1.00 to the Red Cross to help those in need in New Jersey. Its a great cause.”

If you are doing something special to help and want me to add you to this list, please send me a message to al******@ya***.com and I will be sure to add you to this post. You can also add it in the comments area below. If you would like to donate to the Red Cross, call 1-800-RED-CROSS or go to By Snail Mail you can send a check to:
American Red Cross
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, D.C., 20013
Instant Help: you can also give up to $10 by texting the word “REDCROSS” to 90999.

2 thoughts on “Helping out those in their time of need post-Sandy

  • November 9, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Thank you so much Al! Your a great friend and we will never forget what you and the chili pepper family has done for us!

  • November 19, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    I am just shocked by this. I wish I had read this earlier but my computer has been down. I just ate two of your sauces on dinner earlier. Like I told you before, BEST LABEL EVER!!

    Anyways, I am going to get with my wife and see what we can do.We are far from being in a position that will make your head roll, but I want to help, even if it is a little.

    Keep your head up.

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