REVIEW: High Octane Sauce Company – Hybrid Green Pepper Sauce

Sometimes it is the ingredients that on face value seem like the makings of a good all around sauce. With roasted poblano, jalapeno and serrano chile peppers blended with herbs, spices and a touch of lime, you are off to a fast start. Introducing the Hybrid Green Pepper Sauce from the High Octane Sauce Company. I met the creator and owner behind the sauces, Kevin Billings at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival in September. His Tire Smokin’ Salsa tied for 1st place out of 58 salsas in Houston, and because we can only have 1 winner, it garnered 2nd place in the tiebreaker. Quite an accomplishment considering salsa were shipped in from all over the US for this contest. With that said, things are looking up for Kevin and his company. We will have another sauce to review next week from High Octane, so look for that as well all you Moruga Scorpion fans.

For this review besides bringing in Steve “The Machine” Smallwood, we are debuting 2 new reviewers here today, but both have been doing reviews for a while now. First we have John Huber who along with his wife Julia and partner in crime and fellow ILIS reviewer Jerret Ulmer make up the team from Then we also have Jacob Robertson the young pepper prodigy from Alabama. We are excited to have them on the team and share their experience with you all. Before we get to the reviews, let us learn a little about the company we are reviewing these sauces for.

A little about High Octane…

Simply put we are just everyday folk who enjoy spicy, flavorful food and having fun. After years of working in the restaurant industry and trying all kinds of spicy foods I decided to try my hand at making my own hot sauces and salsas. Being one to never think inside the box and with some help from those near and dear I created the line that is now the High Octane Sauce Company and the products available on this site.

I hope that you try everyone of them and love them as much as I do. There will be more to come, new flavors and items to keep things interesting.

As always we want your feed back so please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think of our products, the good, bad and ugly. All of it will only help us grow!

Live Spicy!!

John Huber

Jacob Robertson

The Machine

High Octane Sauce Company
Katy, TX
Phone: 281-635-9498
Email: in**@hi***************.com
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