Nick Ney of Cajun Island shares some AWESOME Cajun recipes

The day after the Weekend of Fire show some of us traveled up to Columbus, Ohio to visit Nick Ney’s Cajun Island restaurant and food court. He treated us to some amazing food, including my favorite from last year his Blackened Chicken and Bowtie Pasta. Along with serving he also allowed me to film the recipe for that dish and his Dirty Rice recipe. The best dirty rice I have ever had. A huge thank you to Nick for the wonderful food and hospitality. If there is another one of these in the future, you would be out of your mind to miss it if you could attend, but if you can not wait, then just visit his food court now. I sure he could even spark up your Thanksgiving meal too with a little catered dish or two or three. The address is at the bottom of the page. Tell him Buddah sent you! I still am thinking about the amazing Gator Gumbo as well!

Nick’s Dirty Rice Recipe

Nick’s Blackened Chicken & Bowtie Pasta Recipe

Market Place of the Americas Mall
5732 Scarborough Boulevard
Columbus, OH, 43232

(Use Cinema City entrance)
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Cajun Island Website:
Restuarant Menu:


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