REVIEW: Dat’s Nice – Datil Pepper Sauce

Dat’s Nice has 6 products for us to review, all highlighting the datil pepper. We start with their original datil pepper hot sauce, and if first impressions are everything as they say, then their tag line on the bottle should get the average chilehead ready to dive right in – “it’s not the original…it’s not world’s famous…it’s just awesome!” Hopefully it isn’t just mere words. Our review team for this St Augustine, Florida spicy product company is Heynetboy out of Wisconsin, ZZombie from Louisiana and hailing from Ohio making his debut, the one and only Big Rob. Before we get to the reviews, let us get a little information first.

About Dat’s Nice

The history behind ‘Dat’s Nice’ hot sauce says it all in the name. The ‘Dat’s’ kind of rolls right off the tongue just like the wonderful taste from the Datil peppers in our pepper sauces that are indigenous to the Saint Augustine, Florida area. The ‘Nice’ well that’s how you feel after eating one of our great hot pepper sauces on just about anything. After making the pepper sauces for many years, friends and family said, “Dat’s Nice – you should sell it…” Yeah right, sounds more like a pipe dream! Then one day we decided what the heck, let’s do it.

How We Make Datil Pepper Sauce Really Good?

In the years since that first day we began, we have grown not only in the number of pepper sauces that we bottle, but in the number of Datil peppers that we grow right here in our own backyard. There is nothing more satisfying than marketing a product that we grow and then make with our family. We grow the Datil peppers from seed, then we use the all finest ingredients to make our Datil pepper sauces that taste so good. We really are a family owned business in every sense of the phrase.

We even offer many recipes where we changed it up and added our Datil pepper sauces; that’s right, we make Datil pepper sauce recipes.

Now go on and enjoy Dat’s Nice hot sauce with your friends and family. We are so sure that you will enjoy the products we have a GUARANTEE. That guarantee is, “If you don’t like this sauce, you won’t buy another bottle, we guarantee it!”



Big Rob

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  • November 27, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    I like the name, good reviews

  • December 12, 2012 at 11:23 am

    We are so excited about this opportunity, thank you all for your time! Eat up…

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