REVIEW: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings – Chipotle Habanero

After a small delay we have come to our final review for Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings. They gave us 4 different Bloody Mary Seasonings and 2 of their Rim Spots. Below this paragraph you can click onto any of the reviews and catch how much our team adored these products. I would like to thank Demitri for allowing us to review his creations, and wish him much success in the near future. It looks like you have very good products that I would recommend to any Bloody Mary lover. I saw them on our good friends over at as well if you are doing any shopping for the holidays and want more than one company. If you want to support Demitri and buy direct, all the information is below the reviews. Once again we have Dale Gilbert, Fiber Joe who makes something very special with the seasoning, and round it up with Derrick Wood.

For the Rim Shots, Derrick did a separate video review. He looked like he was having fun with the Bacon one. The other two guys reviewed the Rim Shots over the course of the reviews.
1- Classic Recipe
2- Extra Horseradish
3- Demitri’s Rim Shots (including Bacon)
4- Chilies & Peppers

Dale Gilbert

Fiber Joe

Derrick Wood

Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings
PO Box 84123
Seattle, WA 98124
1-800-MARY MIX (800-627-9649)
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