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Big Evil BBQ

Why do we do 3 person reviews? The answer lies below. Everyone has different tastes. This review clearly shows the division of that within our staff, and it is the reason why we go way beyond the normal 1 person review. That said, we respect all the until review staff here at ILIS and value their opinions. Let us now talk about this new BBQ sauce by Patrick McGill’s Evil Seed Sauce Company. What kind of BBQ Sauce is it? There are so many different styles out there from mustard, vinegar, molasses sweet, hickory, mesquite, etc. Well there is nothing coming from their website, so we will just have to go to the reviewers for that information. I have never been a fan of Carolina style of BBQ sauce which either is mustardy, vinegary or both for the most part. I am hoping it is more the molasses Memphis thick and tangy style of which I am a big fan. It is Big Evil, so I am expecting a bit of a kick with the BBQ Sauce.

Our review team of RevTommy2Tone & his co-hort Crimsonsteel, Steve Chambers, and Ryan Graub last week reviewed the new Asylum Sauce. Picking up some good grades – two 3 1/2 and two 4’s out of 5 flaming hearts. How will this review ultimately shake out? Time to watch and find out!

Revtommy2tone & Crimsonsteel

Steve Chambers

Ryan Graub

Evil Seed Sauce Company
7407 Goodnow Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 864-6822
Email: in**@ev************.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

One thought on “REVIEW: Evil Seed Sauce Co. – Big Evil BBQ Sauce

  • December 20, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Good Reviews. The apple cider vinegar thing has me a bit confused. That is a very basic ingredient in alot of things and the description of it sounds funny.I will go on the site to purchase and try to see for myself how it is.

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