Fire Dawgs review Deception Salsa – Entice Corn & Bean Salsa

Entice Corn & Bean Salsa

I met Deception Salsa at the Dc Metropolitan Food & Entertaining Show this past November. I was very impressed with not just the taste of their salsa line, but also the whole look of their brand. From the names (Girly Girl (mild), Entice, Tease, Insanity & I Dare You) to the labeling and design. The cherry pepper in the ingredients is a star that I have never experienced before or at least to this level of awareness. The flavor is different, but not in a bad way. Whilst there is some sweetness in their milder salsas, the hotter versions all shine to this reviewer and the blend is such an enjoyable burn I am shocked no one has thought of it before now. This is the reason I gave Deception Salsa a Lenny Award for best Salsa Product line of the year. We have 2 of their salsas for review. This Entice one which is a very sweet mild corn and bean salsa and their hottest I Dare You Wickedly Hot Sauce which we will post a week from now.

For those that have never seen a Fire Dawg review, the Fire Dawgs are real life Fire & Rescue Volunteers who are the official salsa reviewers for A big thanks for their patronage and duty for the community they serve. Chief Miguel leads our Fire Dawgs once again in the review, and we have 2 other salsa lovers to join in – Andrew aka Matthew (only in fun) and Probationary Officer in Training Quist aka Probbie. They do a great job of breaking down these products and explaining what they like and do not like about these salsas. Wait to you see next weeks review. Will they be able to handle the ghost pepper salsa or have to be hosed down. Luckily we do the reviews at the Ashburn, VA Fire & Rescue Station.

Deception Salsa is made up of a great team with Chad Houck handling all the great marketing, and like I said it is awesome. Which leaves all the salsa making to Troy Wadzink. It is a formidable team, and they in my opinion are doing a bang up job thus far.

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Deception Salsa, LLC
1708 Peartree Lane
Crofton, MD 21114
Phone: 410-353-2861
Facebook: CLICK ME

Chad Houck
marketing guru

Troy Wadzink
salsa master

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  • January 2, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    Al, Thanks for getting the Dawg’s to review Deception Salsa. Looking forward to the I Dare You review too! I think they will like the hot stuff.

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