ZestFest 2013…I Wish I was there!


Another Zestfest show, and another show I can’t make. I haven’t been to Zestfest since 2009, the last show they had in September back in Fort Worth, TX. It was where many a chilehead stayed in the Stockyards for their post-event entertainment portion of their stay. With it in January and being from the Northeast I would be risking my vacation days on the weather being non-disruptive. If a snow storm hit during either my departure to or from the show it would totally suck. So I have chosen to attend other shows that did not pose such a risky weather forecast. In so giving up ahead of the game, I sit here wishing I was there now, before the doors open. The forecast here? Snow storm this morning, albeit a tiny storm and a small one again tomorrow. I don’t think there would have been too much of a delay in the flights though, but my choice was made.

I enjoy these events, and any chance to immerse myself into the culture of our spicy community, I do my best to be there for it. I can’t be everywhere though, and I have to pick my poison. So as I type this out I think about what will booth buddies Flaming Joe & Zane & Zack’s World Famous Honey Company will have planned at their booths this year, and how will they be attired. I think about the Dilley’s Defcon booth being without the pyrotechnics because in the wake of super storm Sandy they lost all the goodies that made their booth stand out. What will their booth be like now? I think about my friends of Ricky & Renee of the Madison Chocolatiers West torturing some chocolaholics with their deliciously evil sweat heat. I think about the CaJohn Xecution Station and what new death-defying sauce will they be introducing into the lineup. I think about the Golden Chile Award Show after the event. What am I missing? I know I will be missing a lot, but I hope the show is a success for everyone there. Maybe next year is the year. I hope the weather is good.

About the Show:
Anyone who appreciates the hotter things in life is invited to indulge in a fiery food experience January 25-27,2013 as ZestFest brings together the spiciest exhibitors and products from around the country for one sizzling weekend. ZestFest is the ultimate party for bold and flavorful food enthusiasts. Produced by Spicy Food Productions and taking place in Irving, Texas, ZestFest will be action-packed! Cooking demos by celebrity chefs, live music, interactive contests and thousands of bold food samples will make January 25-27,2013 the zestiest weekend of the year!

Friday, January 25, 2013 10:00-1:00 TRADE ONLY
Friday, January 25, 2013 1:00-7:00
Saturday, January 26, 2013 10:00-6:00
Sunday, January 27, 2013 10:00-5:00

Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas
500 W Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, TX 75039

Gregory Bagarozy
Phone: 845.661.3616
Email: pd*****@ea*******.net
Tickets will be available at the Convention Center Box Office.
Facebook: CLICK ME

List of Vendors:
Exhibitor Name (Booth #)

Addiction Sauces 526
All of Us 140
All of Us 142
American Laser Skincare 107
Andrews Distributing CO 520
Andrews Distributing CO 522
Barbeque Texas 101
Bath Fitter (National Bath Systems) 116
Bath Fitter (National Bath Systems) 118
Bath Wraps/Gutter Helmet 302
Bath Wraps/Gutter Helmet 300
Best Maid Products 127
Best of Texas, Inc. 424
Big Papa\’s Sauces 322
Big Russ Beer Cheese 516
BMF Enterprises, LLC 405
Bonnells 524
Brendas Perfect Brittle 418
Broken Trail Foods, LLC 321
Bugtussle Burn LLC 219
CaJohn’s Fiery Foods 133
CaJohn’s Fiery Foods 232
Cajun Crawfish Company 501
Cajun Crawfish Company 502
Call Me Gourmet 324
Carmies Kitchen 100
Champion Windows, Sun Rooms & Home Exteriors 138
Chile Pepper Institute 135
Chile Pepper Magazine 108
Chili Dawgs Foods of Fire 210
Chipotle Texas 117
Chiro One Wellness Centers 104
Crudmonkey Enterprises L.L.C. 218
Custom Cafe Foods 407
Cutco Cutlery 426
Danielles Sauces 301
Davis Mountain Nut Company 110
Daylight Rangers 221
Deanos Jalapenos 304
Defcon Sauces 211
Delightful Wine Creations 226
DMarie 309
Eddie Deen 607
Eddie Deen 608
Enchiladas Ole 143
Excel Screen Printing USA Inc. 139
Figueroa Brothers Inc 700
Flaming Joe’s Inc. 317
Food Connect Media, Inc. 403
Fourdiaz Vargas LLC 340
FrillyPepper 601
German Roasted Nuts 326
Green Mountain Energy Company 209
HammerStahl 327
Hankerings LLC – Salvy Sousa 241
Hankerings LLC – Salvy Sousa 243
Harriets All Natural Dressings 305
Hillside Orchard Farms 200
Holmes Smokehouse 123
Horn of Plenty Foods, LLC 320
Hot 4 You Hot Sauce 400
Hot Line Pepper Products 236
Hot Ritas Party Starters 237
Hot Sauce Depot 216
Intensity Academy LLC 310
Irving Cares 402
J Anthony Brown Sauce 227
Jalapeno Griller/The Jerky Hut 409
Jalapeno Jeaven 702
Jananna Foods 419
JNW Marketing Solutions 203
KA-Ranch 605
La Familia Salsa Co 125
Ladybird & Friends, LLC 411
Lewis Label Products 338
Linda Chans Concession 423
LoveYourFeetNow.com 240
Luscombe Farms Specialty Foods 239
Lusty Monk West LLC 518
MacKees 217
MacKees 316
Mama Pearls Hot Sauce Corp. 102
Mateo s Gourmet Foods 126
McBroom Metal Works LLC 336
Mike’s All Purpose Seasoning 233
MIld to Wild Pepper and Herb Co. 234
Miss Ellies Gourmet/Twisted Pepper Co. 121
Moores Marinade 306
Moores Marinade 308
Mother Shuckers Tamales 119
Mr. G Bamboo Products 204
My Place Bar-B-Q 704
Nectar of the Vine 604
Nissan 506
Nissan 508
No Wimpy Flavors, LLC 421
One Screw Loose 401
Oregon Trail Jerky 201
Pastamore Oils & Vinegars 416
Penderys 311
Penderys 410
Phils Gourmet Sauces 225
Pink Zebra Home 137
PotBra 406
Prairie Thyme Gourmet/ The Jalapeno Griller 208
Precisepens.com 602
Precisepens.com 603
PuckerButt Pepper Company 408
Rafter 7S 220
Reva Foods, LLC 325
Rodak’s 111
Rumtastic 404
Salsa Me Krazy 224
Sandys Specialties 510
SaSo, LLC 422
Scentsy Wickless 427
Scorpion Gourmet Hot Sauce LLC 206
Sidney Cobb’s Baskets Galore 600
Silverleaf International 318
Silverleaf Resorts 103
Silverleaf Resorts 105
Simplicity Travel 106
SlimRitas 141
Southern Journeys 120
Spicy Food Productions 703
Spicy Food Productions 504
Sweet and Saucy Inc. 242
Sweet Ed’s Salsa, LLC 132
Tastefully Simple 238
Texas Chili Company 606
Texas Chili Warehouse/TCW Designs 334
Texas Choice 332
Texas Department of Agriculture 701
Texas Rib Rangers 109
Texas Toffee 342
Texas Toffee Queen 222
The Backyard Grill 319
The Jerky Connection 303
The Karma Sauce Company 307
The Madison Chocolatiers West 124
The Spice Boys 417
Thermal Windows 205
Thermal Windows 207
Transamerica Network Agency 425
Vela Farms 122
Verizon Wireless 235
Volcanic Peppers 223
Wyndham Vacation Resorts 134
Wyndham Vacation Resorts 136
Xochitl, Inc. 420
Young Ideas 202
Zukali Mexican Gourmet 323

2 thoughts on “ZestFest 2013…I Wish I was there!

  • January 27, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Wish i was there to my spicy brotha

  • January 27, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Please stay away from this “fest”. It is a total scam and rip-off. First, they will charge you $8 just to park your car. The tickets are then $16 a piece at the door. Mind you, you are paying this money to then be given the privilege to be sold hot sauce. You will be given a few plastic spoons with drops of hot sauce, a few chips or pretzels with some dried powder mix on them, and some bad drink mixes. I bought a $7 bloody mary which was the absolute worst bloody mary I have ever had in my life (and I drink a lot of bloody marys). I had to throw it away it was so bad. They will try to nicke and dime you at every point. They have milk stations all over where they charge $2 for a tiny little carton of milk. I guess this is supposed to be cute or clever. This place is small, and you can walk through the whole thing in a matter of minutes. It is so crowded that you have to fight or even push people out of the way to even get samples at times. This place is the worst. Stay away at all costs.

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