REVIEW: Xerarch’s Very Verde Green Sauce

Xerarch's Very Verde Green Sauce

Art “Xero” Weingaertner has been working with me in doing spicy product rules for a lot longer than ILoveItSpicy has existed. We have met a few times at the Fiery Food Show, and I consider him one of my Chilehead brothers. As a review, Xero knew I had one rule in regards to a product maker doing reviews with me, and that if they made it, they wouldn’t be reviewing it. So as a salsa and spice maker, I would never give Xero 1 review associated with these type of products. He knew that if he ever decided to throw his hat into the hot sauce arena, he would be very limited to ILoveItSpicy as a reviewer. Now with this new Very Verde Green Sauce, Xero will no longer be doing many reviews with ILIS from this point forward. While it is sad to limit him to just our snack and spicy BBQ sauce reviews, I am happy that he is living his dream and not looking back. Xerarch’s Nice N Hot Salsa was named Best Salsa in New Mexico by New Mexico Magazine in 2010, and I listed it as one of my favorite salsas of all time. So I have high hopes for Xerarch’s new hot sauce.

For this review we Ken Alexander, Jacob Robertson & Matt Bauhaus. A little about Xerarch’s Salsa & Spices before we get to the review…

Company Overview

Xerarch’s Foods is a family company founded in 2003 in Alamogordo N.M. All the fresh peppers used in our award winning line of salsas are flame roasted to give them a bolder and sweeter flavor. The thick blended consistancy allows you to get full salsa flavor in every bite and gives the salsas excellent “chipability”. Our salsas make a great snack with chips or in a 7-layer dip, or as an additive to Chili or Tortilla Soup. It can be used as a marinade for Chicken, Pork or Beef. With Mellow, Nice N’ Hot, and Severe, there is a heat level to suit everyone from lightweights to Chileheads. Our spice blends can be used in cooking or just keep them on the table to add to all your favorite dishes. JENS RIB RUB combines the sweetness and bold flavor of Texas BBQ with the mustardy tang of Kansas City style. It is great with or without BBQ sauce on any cut of meat.

Ken Alexander

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Jacob Robertson

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Matt Bauhaus

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Xerarch’s Salsa & Spices
Phone (575) 430-3587
Email sa***@xe******.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

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  • February 10, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Thanks for the great reviews guys. Ken, I will be putting “Hatch” prominantly on the next run of labels so thanks for that. I realize that the sauce is too thick but that was a copacker mistake. It wasnt that thick when I made the test batches. Maybe I will see a bottle to change to at Fiery Foods.

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