REVIEW: Henry Family Farms – Naga Jolokia Varietal Chile Extract

Naga Jolokia Ghost Chile of India

We are back with our 2nd and last review for Henry Family Farms products. Our first review was a very positive one. The only negative is in the price for these products. The question is, if you really like a hot sauce, would be willing to pay a little extra to feed your fire? Please check out our last review HERE for their Yellow Fatali African Habanero Varietal Chile Extract. This version is their ghost pepper version using the Naga Jolokia chile pepper. I thought I would also share a recipe using this hot sauce I saw on their website, called “Ghostpacho”. It might tempt you even more after you see all the reviews. Our review team once again is Revtommy2tone and his sidekick Crimsonsteel, Dale Gilbert and the one and only Steve “The Machine” Smallwood, the holder of the most ghost peppers ever eaten in 1 minute, 8.

You want a chance to sample these sauces, then you should check out the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, they will be in attendance with David Rosengarten representing Henry Family Farms as well as some very interesting products, especially if you love wine and rum cake. I am not sure what they will have at their booth, but I am sure to taste these highly touted hot sauces. You can check out the website store below the videos.


Revtommy2tone & Crimsonsteel

Dale Gilbert

The Machine

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Henry Family Farms – Naga Jolokia Varietal Chile Extract

  • April 6, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Henry Family Farms seem to be getting good reviews for the product. Good quality but the price…YIKES! And the choice to call it a “chile extract” will probably hurt sales significantly. Add in the typo for xanthum (kind of like “varetial” on one of the vids… oops~), they might want to consider reworking the label.

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